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Discover CBD-coated honey candies (10mg per portion)

100% natural honey & CBD candies to relieve anxiety, insomnia and sore throats. Don't let stress get the better of you, grab a CBD candy and let yourself go...






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A box of 40 naturally sweet honey candies to relieve stress at any time of day.

CBD content: 10mg. Flavor: Honey. Contents : 40pcs.

Effects of CBD candy on the body:

If stress overwhelms you, you're often anxious and prone to the blues, these candies can help you feel better. Each candy contains 10mg of CBD, so consume them up to 3 times a day to soothe your stress and relieve sore throats at the same time.

A relaxing CBD candy..delicious

Suck on a candy, and get rid of all the little annoyances of everyday life. Easy to consume, CBD candies are easy to take with you wherever you go. Slip them into your bag and boost your morale on the toughest of days. An anti-depression & anti-stress ally in a pretty 40-piece box. Feeling good has never been so easy !

Like all quality CBD products, don't hesitate to turn to Deli Hemp. Our in-store ambassadors and online advisors will be happy to guide you through our wide range of CBD products. To find out more, contact our Deli Hemp boutique !

Nutritive values :

Energy 1680kj/396kcal

Fat 0g

of which Saturated fatty acids 0g

Carbohydrates of which sugars

86g Protein


Salt 0.1g

Ingredients sugar, glucose syrup, cannabidiol, honey 15% france.

The benefits of honey CBD candies

Visit benefits of CBD honey candies are numerous and touch on various aspects of our well-being.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a molecule derived from hemp that is gaining in popularity for its soothing and relaxing properties. Incorporating CBD into your daily routine can help reduce stress and promote relaxation without the psychoactive effects associated with THC. CBD-infused honey candies combine the comforting sweetness of honey with the benefits of CBD, offering a delicious and convenient experience. They allow efficient sublingual absorption of the molecule while satisfying your gourmet palate. What's more, these treats can be an unobtrusive, easy-to-dose way to incorporate CBD into your routine, whether to help you calm down after a long day or as an ally in managing minor daily aches and pains. With their authentic taste and often natural ingredients, CBD honey candies represent a healthy alternative to conventional confectionery while contributing to your overall well-being.

The everyday benefits of CBD

Visit benefits of CBD for everyday life in CBD candy or Gummies CBD

This molecule, extracted from cannabis, is renowned for its relaxing and soothing properties, which can help manage stress and promote relaxation after a long day. Unlike THC, CBD has no psychoactive effect and can therefore be integrated into daily routine without impairing mental capacities. Many consumers also report a positive impact on their sleep and a reduction in chronic pain thanks to regular use of CBD products. CBD-infused honey candies combine these benefits with the natural sweetness of honey, offering an indulgent experience that benefits both body and mind.

How CBD honey candies can improve your well-being

Visit cBD honey candies are a delicious way to incorporate cannabidiol into your daily routine.

They combine the natural sweetness of honey with the benefits of CBD, a molecule renowned for its relaxing and soothing properties. By consuming these treats, you can experience a reduction in stress and an improvement in your general well-being. Their practical format makes them easy to precise dosage and easy to manage, with each candy containing a certain number of milligrams of CBD to suit your personal needs. What's more, the potential sublingual absorption of active ingredients upon tasting can offer a faster effect compared to other ingestion methods. So, whether you're in the office or on the move, these candies represent a gourmet solution for maintaining balance and serenity throughout the day.

How to choose and use honey CBD candies

To select and use cBD honey candies, it is essential to consider the quality and the cBD concentration.

On the market, you'll find a variety of cannabidiol-infused candies, ranging from classic flavors like grapefruit to more exotic blends like melon or super skank. Always check the label for the amount of CBD per candy, usually measured in milligrams, so you can tailor your dose to your personal needs. For best results, allow the candy to melt under the tongue before swallowing; this sublingual method allows CBD to be rapidly absorbed by the body. Finally, make sure your products are manufactured without artificial additives and come from reliable sources that comply with European standards to guarantee safety and efficacy.

The different types of honey CBD candies on the market

Visit different types of CBD honey candies available on the market offer a unique experience for candy lovers wishing to integrate CBD into their daily lives. You'll find a variety of confections, from sublingual lozenges to hard candies, each with its own CBD concentration. Some candies are enriched with natural terpenes to replicate the authentic flavors of hemp varieties, while others rely on the sweetness of honey to seduce gourmet palates. Brands like Greeneo even offer gelatin-free options, with no artificial colors or additives, ideal for those looking for a healthier product. Whether you're looking for a light dose for mid-day relaxation or a higher concentration for stress relief, there's a honey CBD candy to suit your needs. What's more, these products are often manufactured to European standards, guaranteeing quality and safety.

Factors to consider when choosing honey CBD candies

There are many factors to take into account when choosing CBD honey candies, all of which are essential to guaranteeing a high quality product optimal experience. First of all, the quality of the product is paramount: look for candies made with CBD from plants grown according to European standards, without pesticides or heavy metals. The CBD concentration should be clearly indicated, so that you can determine the right dose for your needs; this is usually measured in milligrams per unit. Also check for the presence of natural ingredients such as real honey, with no artificial flavours or unnecessary additives. The flavors on offer vary from classic honey to more daring blends such as grapefruit or melon, offering a wide choice to satisfy every taste. Finally, make sure the product is THC-free and complies with current regulations to avoid any undesirable effects or legal problems. Opt for reputable brands that provide a full description of their products and have good customer feedback, such as Greeneo or Hemeka, so you can take full advantage of CBD's relaxing and soothing benefits in your daily life.

CBD capsules or CBD candy, which to choose and for what purpose ?

The decision betweencapsules CBD andcBD honey candies depends on your personal preferences and the goal you're trying to achieve.

If you're looking for a discreet, precise method for use CBD, the cBD capsules are ideal because they offer exact dosing without any particular flavour. On the other hand, if taste is a key factor for you and you want to enjoy the effects of CBD while savoring a sweet treat, the cBD honey candies are perfect. They combine the sweetness of honey with the benefits of cannabidiol, offering a pleasant taste experience while contributing to your well-being.

In addition, the cBD candies allow sublingual absorption as they melt in the mouth, which can accelerate the CBD effect. Whether for managing daily stress, promoting relaxation or simply as a healthy treat, each type has its own specific benefits. However, it's essential to check the CBD concentration and opt for high-quality products, manufactured in compliance with European standards to guarantee safety and efficacy.


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