Hemp Teas - Natural Wellness Experience

Discover our Premium Hemp Teas

From the refreshing flavors of mint to the robust taste of black tea, explore our diverse range of hemp teas.

Each cup offers a perfect harmony between hemp and selected botanicals, creating a soothing beverage that relaxes the mind, aids digestion and enhances your overall well-being.

Hemp is renowned for its multiple benefits, enriching your daily tea ritual. Immerse yourself in a relaxing experience, savor every sip and let hemp take you to a state of tranquility. Discover the luxury of our hemp teas, a source of natural well-being.

Hemp tea
Élixir Fruité

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  • €9.00
  • €31.28

Hemp infusion
Ayurvedic Detox

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  • €8.44
  • €30.33
From €0.27/g
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  • €7.49
  • €26.54

Hemp tea
Escale Marocaine

From €0.23/g
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  • €7.11
  • €22.75