Hemp oil - Salmon
Hemp oil



Hemp Salmon feed oil for animals.

Deli Hemp natural oil combined with Omega 3-rich salmon oil to boost your pet's physical condition and immune system.

Hemp oil contains a concentration of fatty acids that will keep your pet fit and strengthen its immune system.

Salmon oil, rich in omega 3, will help your pet maintain a beautiful coat and healthy skin.

A delicious taste that will make your pet happy. Recommended as a dietary supplement for all dogs and cats, and strongly advised for nursing females or animals in convalescence.

- Promotes heart health
- Strengthens cat or dog's immune system
- Increases appetite
- Excellent source of energy
- Healthy coat and skin
- Reduces age-related cell degeneration

100% natural product, no artificial flavoring - ORGANIC
60 ML



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Hemp oil - Salmon

Why use hemp oil for my pet?

Thanks to its high-protein, fiber and vitamin content,hemp-based food for pets is just as beneficial as it is for humans.

Rich in omega 3 and omega 6, hemp oil will help your pets to stay healthy, as it provides fatty acids that are not produced by their bodies.

They must therefore be present in their daily diet to ensure good health and limit inflammation or muscular problems.

Adding hemp/salmon oil to your pet 's diet guarantees good health, and more specifically:
- Reduce inflammation
- Treat the coat and make it silkier
- Reduce arthritis symptoms
- Prevent urinary tract infections
- Regulate the nervous system
- Strengthen the immune system

Hemp and salmon, for what benefits?

Salmon oil, produced in France, helps your pet maintain a beautiful coat, healthy skin and a healthy heart.

What's more, the scent of Hemp & Salmon oil will attract your pet, and its flavor will make it easier for your pet to ingest the food on which it has been applied. It's the perfect combination of pleasure and good health.

How to use Deli Hemp & Salmon oil?

As a dietary supplement.Mix Hemp & Salmon oil with your pet's food.

This oil is made from French organic hemp oil and French farmed salmon oil.

We recommend giving your pet hemp oil on a regular basis. Since these fatty acids are not originally produced by their bodies.

Dose daily quantities according to the animal's weight. This product can be used for a variety of pets, including:
- Dogs
- Cats
- Rodents
- Rabbits
- Horses, ..

If you wish to consume hemp oil yourself, we offer it in a food version: as hemp heart oil, or classic hemp oil to season your dishes. It completes your daily intake of omegas (3 and 6) and proteins.

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