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Pre rolls blue dream
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CBD intensity:


Blue Dream CBD - Pre-rolls - 1g of indoor CBD flowers per pre-roll.

Box of 2 pre-rolls*

Enhance your pre-roll experience with a joint containing 1g of intensely potent Blue Dream.

Blue Dream offers sweet citrus notes and a woody taste.

Its crossbreeding makes it a hybrid (sativa/indica) that will help you relax and unwind around flavours that have become a must-have.



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Benefits of pre-rolled CBD:

Why is pre-rolled CBD so convenient?

Appearing as the most popular method in the early 20th century (after stealing the spotlight from chichas and pipes), a "joint" is a quick and tasty delivery method for enjoying the active compounds of the CBD cannabis plant .

But rolling your own joint can be complicated, takes practice and requires several accessories, such as CBD flowers or CBD resin, rolling sheets, a grinder, a tray, filters and more.

Pre-rolled joints or pre-rolls are prefabricated joints, eliminating the need to buy each component individually. On the surface, it may seem that all pre-rolls are made in the same way, but in reality, many details and decisions go into their creation.

Combinations of varietal choices, moisture content, size, shape, durability and packaging bring together the best of what Deli Hemp has to offer in CBD pre-roll formats.

How to choose the right CBD pre-roll?

CBD trim pre-rolls vs. pure CBD flower pre-rolls

The choice of CBD variety is undoubtedly the best starting point, and it's also a great way to discover a new strain, and another way to consume without too much financial commitment.

Some pre-rolls are made from "trim" (essentially the residue from manicuring dried CBD flowers), while others are made from the buds of whole, crushed flowers.

Pre-rolls based on whole CBD flower buds can sometimes offer greater potency and flavor.

Whatever your choice of product, from trim or a variety you like : a quality pre-rolled product

should be compact enough to burn evenly, leaving behind a bright white ash. This shows that the cannabis has been properly "rinsed" of excess nutrients two weeks before harvest, offering an authentic, smooth taste.

How to store your pre-rolled CBD

Humidity levels are also an important factor in pre-rolling.

If your CBD flowers are too dry, the experience is likely to be hot and acrid.

Conversely, too much humidity can lead to the formation of mold or bacteria inside a sealed package on your flower, making it toxic.

A humidity level of 10-12% is the ideal point for pre-rolls, both for the taste experience and for your health.

CBD pre-rolls: how are they made?

Before positioning the joint in its final, airtight packaging, a recyclable cardboard filter is inserted at one end.

The inner folds may resemble shapes such as a swirl or zigzag.

Not only do these filters give structure and support to the rolled meadow, they also reduce the amount of tar and plant matter crumbs that might otherwise be inhaled. This small, thin piece of cardboard means you can smoke the whole joint without wasting a crumb (and without burning your fingers).

Pre-rolled joints can be sealed in several ways, usually with a flat fold or a twist. For some, a fold is clean and compact, while a twisted end seals the seal well and serves as a convenient wick. The durability of the closure chosen is sometimes overlooked, with some customers reporting that pre-rolled seals with a fold tend to unravel, spilling valuable debris into a box or tube.

The importance of rolling paper for CBD pre-rolls

Environmental sustainability is another factor when choosing a pre-roll. The rolling sheets themselves can be made from wood pulp, flax, rice or hemp, and can be bleached (white) or unbleached (cream or brown). The sheets can also be organic or vegan.

Deli Hemp pre-rolls use unbleached paper to preserve the natural flavours of CBD.

To reduce inhalation of chemicals or paper materials, consider pre-rolls made with the thinnest, most unprocessed papers possible, which also preserve the natural flavor of cannabis.

Blue Dream CBD flower characteristics and flavours

Blue Dream CBD is an indica-dominant strain containing a potent concentration of CBD.

With a mild flavor and aroma, this flower is very affordable for those new to CBD.

Blue Dream is also a very popular strain for those experienced in CBD use, thanks to its high CBD content and mild effects. Due to its indica dominance, Blue Dream is often associated with feelings of relaxation and is sometimes used as a sleep aid. What sets Blue Dream apart from other CBD flowers is its high CBD content. Blue Dream can contain between 10 and 14% CBD, making it an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy all the benefits of CBD.

Blue Dream is also available in a variety of different CBD concentrations, making it easier than ever to find a Blue Dream product to suit your needs.

Benefits of Blue Dream CBD flower?

There are many benefits associated with consuming CBD flower over other CBD products.

First of all, when you consume CBD flowers, you're consuming the entire plant, including all its many cannabinoids and terpenes. In comparison, products like oils and tinctures isolate only the CBD cannabinoid, leaving behind many of the other beneficial compounds present in the plant.

By consuming whole-plant CBD flowers, you can enjoy all the benefits of the whole plant, including a wide range of cannabinoids and terpenes that help support and enhance the effects of CBD.

CBD flowers are also a great option for those new to CBD. Unlike other CBD products, consumption of CBD flowers will not produce any noticeable effect.

This is because the CBD content of flowers is much higher than that of other products, meaning you need to consume a larger quantity of flowers to feel the effects. This may allow newcomers to feel more comfortable with the level of CBD in their body without feeling overwhelmed by its effects.

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