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Deli Hemp offers you its new range of CBD e-liquids, including the product CBD E-liquid - Amnesia, made in France without added nicotine or terpenes.

These CBD e-liquids, compatible with all types of electronic cigarettes, are made from live resin of fresh CBD flowers.

This range of CBD e-liquids lets you taste the many varieties of CBD flowers in our catalog, with different percentages available: 2.5% CBD; 5% CBD; 10% CBD and 20% CBD.



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Deli Hemp CBD E-liquid, a natural range made in France

Deli Hemp offers a collection of E-liquids made in France from fresh CBD flowers.

The E-liquids are based on live resin, which is a type of cannabis concentrate made from fresh CBD flowers that has not been dried or hardened. One of the main advantages of using live resin in CBD e-liquids is that it preserves more of the plant's natural terpenes and cannabinoids, enhancing the flavor of CBD flowers. The use of fresh CBD flowers also ensures that CBD e-liquids are of the highest quality.

These CBD e-liquids, like Amnesia CBD E-Liquid, are made in France from a short CBD flower circuit in line with organic farming. This means you can enjoy a more natural, authentic vaping experience without compromising on quality. E-liquids are available in different dosages of CBD, allowing you to choose the concentration that best suits your needs.

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis, with proven therapeutic effects including anxiety reduction, improved sleep and pain relief, not to mention the relaxation effect desired by many customers. In addition to their high-quality ingredients and therapeutic benefits, Deli Hemp CBD e-liquids also offer a wide range of delicious flavours. Whether you prefer fruity, tangy or earthy flavors, there's something for everyone.

What is CBD live resin?

Live resin is made from fresh CBD flowers.

The process of making live resin involves hot-pressing CBD flowers to extract the best terpenes naturally produced by the flower. Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in all plants, giving them distinct flavors and aromas.

Once live resin CBD has been extracted, it can be consumed in a variety of ways. One of the most common methods is to use a CBD cartridge, which allows users to inhale live resin for a quick and effective dose of CBD.

Another option is to blend live resin into a CBD e-liquid and consume it using an e-cigarette. These CBD e-liquid products are compatible with all types of electronic cigarette. One of the advantages of using CBD live resin is that it retains more of the plant's natural qualities than other extractions. Because the flowers are freshly pressed, they can retain higher levels of terpenes which allow the CBD flower to reveal all its smells and flavors.

What dosage for Amnesia CBD e-liquid?

When it comes toCBD e-liquids, finding the right dosage can be a little tricky.

However, thanks to Deli Hemp 's range of CBD e-liquids, you can easily find the perfect dosage to suit your needs. Deli Hemp offers four different variants in its range ofCBD e-liquids, namely 2.5%, 5%, 10% and 20%

For people new to CBD, we recommend starting with a lower dosage. An e-liquid with 2.5% CBD can be a good starting point. This dosage is ideal for those who want to experience mild relaxation, as well as benefits for their general well-being.

For those seeking slightly stronger effects, a 5% CBD e-liquid may be more appropriate. This dosage is still relatively mild, but can produce more noticeable effects than the 2.5% variant.

If you're looking for even stronger effects, a 10% CBD e-liquid may be just what you need. This dosage is ideal for those suffering from moderate symptoms such as pain, anxiety or inflammation.

Finally, if you suffer from severe symptoms or have a high tolerance level, a 20% CBD e-liquid may be the best option for you. This dosage is the strongest in Deli Hemp 's range, and can bring relaxation or relieve certain ailments such as artrhosis or migraines.

What are the benefits of using Amnesia CBD e-liquid?

CBD e-liquid is a popular choice for people who want the benefits of CBD without the harmful effects associated with combustion.

ConsumingAmnesia CBD e-liquid has many benefits, including rapid relaxation effects and the ability to combat stress or anxiety attacks. One of the main advantages of CBD e-liquid is that it's quick and easy to use. Unlike CBD flowers or CBD infusions, CBD e-liquids can be used with a vaporizer or e-cigarette. Simply fill the tank or cartridge with e-liquid and start vaping. This makes it a convenient option for people who are always on the go and want to enjoy the benefits of CBD quickly.

Another advantage of Amnesia CBD e-liquid is that it has none of the harmful effects associated with combustion. When you smoke or vaporize dried CBD flowers, you inhale burnt plant matter, which can be harmful to your lungs. With CBD e-liquid, you inhale a vapor that contains CBD and other beneficial compounds without the harmful effects of combustion. CBD e-liquid also has rapid relaxing effects.

When you inhale Amnesia CBD e-liquid, the CBD quickly enters your bloodstream and begins to take effect within minutes. This can be particularly useful for people with anxiety attacks or sleep problems. CBD has been shown to have calming properties that can help relax the body and mind.

What is CBD and what are its effects?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a natural compound found in the hemp plant.

It has gained in popularity in recent years due to its therapeutic benefits. Unlike THC, another compound found in hemp, CBD does not cause psychoactive effects and is legal in most countries. CBD works by interacting with the body's endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is responsible for regulating various physiological processes such as mood, appetite, pain sensation and immune function. The endocannabinoid system consists of receptors located throughout the body that respond to cannabinoids such as CBD.

CBD is available in all possible forms: CBD oils, CBD candies, CBD capsules, CBD cosmetics, CBD resins, etc.

One of CBD 's best-known effects is its ability to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. Several studies have shown that CBD can help reduce the symptoms of anxiety disorders such as social anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

It can also help improve sleep quality and reduce insomnia. CBD has also been studied for its potential anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It may be effective in reducing chronic pain associated with conditions such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia.

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