amnesia soft hdh
amnesia soft hdh
soft hdh vape
amnesia soft hdh
soft hdh vape
amnesia soft hdh
  • amnesia soft hdh
  • soft hdh vape
Vape Amnesia (HDH)


CBD intensity:

Discover Deli Hemp's Vape Amnesia (HDH), a true innovation in the world of cannabinoid-based products

This Vape offers an exceptional experience thanks to its unique, powerful formula, designed to deliver effects similar to those of HHCPO and THCP, while offering a softer intensity for a subtle, pleasurable experience.

The revolutionary formula of Vape Amnesia (HDH) is enriched with HDH, a molecule that offers effects similar to those of HHCPO and THCP, but with a lighter intensity. So you can enjoy deep relaxation and a feeling of euphoria, while discovering a variety of pleasant effects.

The Amnesia strain, famous for its rich aroma and unique properties, is highlighted in this HDH Vape. The terpenes in this strain not only contribute to aroma and taste, but also interact with cannabinoids to create a synergistic and captivating experience.

Vape Amnesia (HDH) is available in three intensities: Soft, Classic and Strong. Whether you're new to the world of cannabinoids, a former THC user accustomed to CBD or a fan of more potent products, there's an intensity to suit your preferences and consumption habits.



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What distinguishes Vape Amnesia (HDH) - Soft from other products in the HDH range?

Vape Amnesia (HDH) - Soft is distinguished from other products in the HDH range by its mild intensity, while retaining the characteristic potency of the cannabinoids present in the HDH formula.

This gentle intensity offers a lighter experience while delivering pleasant, relaxing effects, ideal for users who want to discover the benefits of HDH in a gradual, subtle way. Thanks to this unique formula, Vape Amnesia (HDH) - Soft offers a gentle yet powerful experience, meeting the varied needs of our customers

How does Deli Hemp's HDH formula make Vape Amnesia (HDH) - Soft so powerful?

The power of Deli Hemp's Vape Amnesia (HDH) - Soft lies in its special HDH formula, which offers effects similar to those of HHCPO and THCP, but in a softer, more subtle version.

This formula is designed to create a synergy between various carefully selected cannabinoids, combined with specific terpenes from the Amnesia strain. These elements work in harmony to produce intense, soothing effects.

Although the intensity is gentle, the combination of cannabinoids in the HDH formula creates an equally meaningful and relaxing experience. The effects are reminiscent of those of HHCPO and THCP, but in a lighter measure, ideal for users looking to enjoy the benefits of cannabinoids while retaining a more subtle experience. Vape Amnesia (HDH) - Soft thus offers a unique, balanced experience, ideal for those wishing to discover the benefits of HDH in a gentler way.

What specific effects can I expect from Vape Amnesia (HDH) - Soft?

Deli Hemp's Vape Amnesia (HDH) - Soft offers a smooth, soothing experience thanks to its special formula of cannabinoids and terpenes.

The specific effects you can expect from this vape include subtle relaxation, a sense of calm and well-being, and a slight elevation of mood. The cannabinoids in the formula work in harmony with the terpenes in the Amnesia strain to create a pleasant sensation of relaxation without the overly intense effects associated with higher cannabinoid concentrations.

Vape Amnesia (HDH) - Soft can also help to temporarily alleviate stress and promote an overall feeling of relaxation. However, it's important to note that effects may vary from person to person due to individual differences in reaction to cannabinoids. By choosing this mild version, you can enjoy the benefits of HDH while maintaining a lighter, more discreet experience.

How does the Amnesia strain contribute to the overall Vape Amnesia (HDH) - Soft experience?

The Amnesia strain plays a crucial role in the overall Deli Hemp Vape Amnesia (HDH) - Soft experience.

The terpenes naturally present in the Amnesia strain are carefully preserved in the formula and interact synergistically with cannabinoids to create specific effects and a unique sensory experience.

The terpenes in the Amnesia strain add distinct aromas and characteristic flavours to the vape, which can enhance the sensation of consumption. What's more, these terpenes help modulate the effects of cannabinoids by interacting with the receptors of the endocannabinoid system in the body. This means that the terpenes in the Amnesia strain can influence the way cannabinoids are felt and metabolized, creating a more nuanced and pleasurable experience.

Thanks to this interaction between cannabinoids and Amnesia strain terpenes, Vape Amnesia (HDH) - Soft offers soothing, relaxing effects while maintaining a smooth, balanced experience. The Amnesia strain adds an aromatic and sensory dimension to vape, while reinforcing the benefits of HDH in this lighter version.

How do I choose my HDH Vape intensity?

Choosing the right level of intensity for your Deli Hemp Vape Amnesia (HDH) experience is essential to fully enjoy the effects and sensations you're looking for.

The three intensity options available - Soft, Classic and Strong - are designed to suit different levels of habit and individual preferences.

  • Soft: If you're used to consuming CBD products and are looking for a deeper experience, Soft intensity could be the ideal choice for you. It offers a gentle introduction to the effects of cannabinoids + strong, without being overpowering, making it an excellent starting point for beginners.

  • Classic: If you're a former THC user who's become accustomed to the effects of CBD, the Classic intensity might be right for you. This option offers a balanced experience somewhere between mild and strong, providing moderate and pleasant effects without being overpowering.

  • Strong: If you're an experienced user and have already explored more potent cannabinoid products such as THCP or HHCPO, Strong intensity could offer you the experience you're looking for. This option is designed to offer more pronounced and intense effects, ideal for those looking for a more potent experience.

It's important to take your tolerance level, personal preferences and previous consumption habits into account when choosing your intensity. Always start with an intensity that corresponds to your level of experience, and gradually increase if necessary. This will enable you to discover the effects of Vape Amnesia (HDH) in a way that's comfortable and tailored to your specific needs.

Vape Amnesia (HDH) - Soft
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