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Moby Dick

CBD intensity:

Moby Dick (Swiss origin)

Terpenes: lemon, fruity, earthy

Sex: feminized

Cross: White Widow x Haze

Recommended cultivation: indoor & outdoor

Genetics: 50% indica 50% sativa

Height: 1m- 3 metres

CBD content: 12.5% - 20

THC content: -0.3



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What is a feminized CBD seed?

First of all, it's important to know that female plants are the only cannabis plants to supply and develop flowers rich in cannabinoids such as THC or CBD.

Feminized seeds have been genetically modified to produce exclusively 99.9% female plants.

A feminized seed contains no male chromosomes in its genes. Once planted, it will produce only female seeds. Ideal for rapid, high-quality cultivation. Feminized seeds are created by forcing a female plant to form male seeds.

Characteristics of feminized seeds:

-Enhanced aromas and effects, giving rise to a plant rich in cannabinoids.

- Feminized seeds are photoperiodic: their growth depends on a precise light cycle.

Sativa, Indica or Hybrid, what's the difference?

These are cannabis subspecies. The two main species categories are Indica and Sativa, and today there are also hybrid varieties.

What are the differences between these cannabis subspecies?

Indica: its flowering is shorter and bushier, and its leaves are broad. It's a fairly robust species and can thrive in many environments.

Sativa: Sativas need a lot of sun to flower well. Its leaves are fine and long. Its plant will be taller than the Indica species. It thrives in a warm climate, with a longer flowering time.

Today, most cannabis varieties are rarely pure Indica or Sativa. Instead, we mainly find so-called hybrid cannabis species, which combine a certain % of Indica and Sativa.

Moby Dick CBD seed, for an abundant harvest

Moby Dick seed, for an abundant harvest Moby Dick is renowned for its abundant production and ease of cultivation.

This genetics, of robust nature, is placed today like number one on the market of the cannabis. Its advantage is that it doesn't require much care, apart from generous lighting and plenty of fertilizer.

In terms of morphology, Moby Dick is a 50/50 hybrid flower of sativa and indica. It's the result of a cross between White Widow and Haze, which develops into a coniferous shape as it grows.

It takes 8-9 weeks to reach maturity. moby Dick's most distinctive feature will remain its central head, a sublime and impressive nug.

Aroma and benefits of Moby Dick genetics

Moby Dick is one of's most popular varieties, and has contributed to our reputation from the very start.

Its strong smell, with lemony notes and a hint of Haze and Cedar, has won over a large number of consumers.

The Sativa effect of this Moby Dick CBD genetics will be very powerful, stimulating your appetite, giving you a boost of energy and making any feelings of stress or anxiety disappear.

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