CBD Master Kush flowers
CBD Master Kush flowers
CBD Master Kush flower
CBD Master Kush flowers
CBD Master Kush flower
CBD Master Kush flowers
  • CBD Master Kush flowers
  • CBD Master Kush flower


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Master Kush tastes of pine, citrus and sugar

Master Kush is a popular hybrid flower, perfectly balanced in indica and sativa with high CBD content

These flavours are sure to satisfy for a relaxing moment. It's a variety that helps you relax, fall asleep and relieve everyday aches and pains.

This variety, created in Holland, is increasingly appreciated for its qualitative evolution over time.



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Master Kush, a powerful indoor :

What isMaster Kush?

Master Kush is a variety of cannabis flower from the Netherlands. Endorsed by cannabis masters, it has gained a worldwide reputation. Its CBD version has retained the qualities of its genetics.

Master Kush offers superior CBD flower quality.

Its indoor-grown flowers are dark green, with slightly orange and purple pistils. its CBD content is powerful, helping to relax the mind and muscles.

Indoor cultivation produces voluminous buds, rich in terpenes and trichromes responsible for the flower's piney, sweet, citrus aromas and soothing effects.

This cultivation technique protects the flower and produces high-quality CBD.

What are the properties of CBD flower?

CBD is a cannabinoid with numerous health benefits. Most CBD products are made from hemp and contain only low levels of THC.

Master Kush is a cannabis strain with a high CBD content. CBD is known to help with sleep, stress and anxiety.

People generally consume CBD instead of THC, as it has no psychoactive effects .

You can consume CBD flower in several ways:

In infusions, in a dish, or with a vaporizer. This CBD flower is made from a hybrid strain from the European catalog, selected for its high CBD content.

What are the effects of Master Kush?

Master Kush achieves particularly high CBD levels thanks to its development in a controlled environment.

The benefits it offers have enabled it to make a name for itself in the CBD world.

Its CBD content enables Master Kush users to enjoy the effects quickly and for a long time.

Its relaxing properties are interesting, and may help some insomniacs if consumed just before bedtime.

When you look at the origins of Master Kush, it's one of those flowers with a unique, highly sought-after profile.

How to consume Master Kush CBD flower?

Deli Hemp offers several ways to consume our Master Kush CBD flowers. You can choose between the different ways of consumption listed below:

Infusion : It couldn't be simpler! All you have to do is make yourself some hot water, like a classic herbal tea, and add the CBD flowers along with a fatty substance such as milk, cream, butter or even vegetable oil. Let's not forget that CBD is a lipophilic molecule and therefore needs fats to release all its benefits. Deli Hemp recommends you consume your CBD herbal tea in the evening, half an hour before bedtime, to prepare your body for sleep

In a dish: In a sauce, trimer, or cooked, you'll find all our advice in our recipe book "Everything we Hemp!

Vaporization: If you're not a fan of CBD flower infusions, Deli Hemp recommends vaporization, another way to benefit more quickly from the effects of your flowers. This way, you can preserve the full aroma and extract its quintessence.

In a nutshell, what is Master Kush?

Master Kush is a high-CBD, indoor cannabis flower variety from Holland.

This variety contains little THC and therefore has no psychotropic effects. It promotes relaxation, helps you fall asleep and reduces stress.

Its piney, citrusy and sweet aromas will enliven your taste buds. Whether infused or vaporized, you'll appreciate Master Kush as a benchmark.


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