CBD Christmas Gift Set - Tranquilli-thé
CBD Christmas Gift Set



Tranquilli-THÉ Box

Discover all the benefits of CBD with our selection of limited-edition Deli Hemp Christmas boxes.

Our "Tranquillité CBD" box is perfect for the curious, or those looking for a natural, everyday anti-stress and anti-anxiety remedy.

The box includes a selection of our best CBD teas and herbal teas, a 10% CBD oil for daily anti-stress use, and a recipe book for hemp and CBD-based DIY cooking and cosmetics!



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A Deli Hemp box to discover the benefits of CBD

If you're feeling stressed in the middle of the day, if you're having trouble getting to sleep, if your pet is suffering from pain or anxiety, if you need a boost of energy, or to moisturize your skin to the max, our selection of CBD boxes is for you. If you want to change your habits or start a natural anti-stress remedy, this box is for you.

It's the must-have for a daily detox.

Our " Box Tranquillité CBD " is perfect for the curious, or for those looking for a natural anti-stress and anti-anxiety remedy.

Find a selection of 4 products that will provide you with moments of relaxation:

1 CBD Oil 10% Hemp,

1 bag of 25 g organic Chai tea,

1 infusion bag 25 gr Nuit Étoilée,

1 25g Fruity Elixir tea bag

Our CBD-based recipe book " Tout ce qu'on Hemp " , published by Editions Culinaires Ducasse.

Discover our selection of CBD products in our Tranquillity Box:

3 bags of 25 g teas / infusions, 1 sublingual oil 10% CBD and our hemp & CBD recipe book.

CBD drinks, a new wellness ritual?

CBD, the cabinnoid present in CBD, is the molecule responsible for that immediate feeling of well-being when you consume an herbal tea containing it.

Consuming CBD as a tea or herbal tea allows you to enjoy the benefits of this molecule in a healthy and pleasant way.

But infusions and herbal teas also allow you to benefit from all the goodness of the plant. In fact, this use has been widespread for thousands of years, for both therapeutic and wellness purposes.

A CBD-infused herbal tea or tea on a daily basis will promote better digestion and reduce heartburn and acid reflux.

With CBD herbal tea, it penetrates the digestive system and, more specifically, stimulates endocannabinoid receptors on the inner walls. If you're feeling anxious, CBD herbal tea will have a very calming effect on your body.

Among the many benefits of CBD teas are reduced nausea and increased appetite. Get your day off to a good start with Fruity Elixir Tea, with hibiscus, apple and other fruits blended with delicious Sencha green tea.

An energizing tea which, thanks to the plants and herbs it contains, will strengthen your immune system and give you a boost, while benefiting from the relaxing action of CBD.

Then enjoy a hot cup of Organic Chai with CBD. For a zen break in the late afternoon or after lunch. Chai is a traditional Indian infusion renowned for its virtues and highly appreciated for its taste.

Find all the ingredients for Chai here. Finally, treat yourself to a restful, uninterrupted night's sleep with CBD Starry Night herbal tea, to be enjoyed in the evening after dinner.


Deli HempCBD teas have no psychotropic effects or side effects, so you can consume Deli Hemp CBD infusions regularly and at any time of day.

You can start with lower doses, such as two teas a day.

Then increase the quantities as the need arises.


CBD oil helps improve sleep quality, reduce anxiety and ease inflammatory pain.

This certified organic CBD oil can be consumed with food or liquid, or by placing a few drops under the tongue.

CBD oil is the product with the fastest-acting effects. They appear around 10 minutes after absorption.


Contents: 10ml CBD type: full spectrum Cannabinoid concentration: 10% / 1000mg

THC concentration

Extraction method: supercritical CO2 Certified oil: Label AB certified hemp oil Consumption: 100% plant-based, 100% natural, 100% vegan Number of drops per bottle: 200 drops

Deli Hemp offers 24-hour express delivery in Paris and the Paris region, and 48-hour delivery by Chronopost or parcel post throughout France.

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