Hash made in Morocco
moroccan haskom hash
moroccan haskom hash
  • moroccan haskom hash
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1st CBD Hash made in Morocco: Hashkom CBD resin, a hashish of exceptional quality.

From the fertile lands of Chefchaouen province, legendary birthplace of the world's finest hashish, Hashkom embodies the excellence of Moroccan cannabis production.

Carefully crafted by a local cooperative (Bio cannat) nestled in the RIF valley between Ketama and Chefchaouen, each gram of Hashkom CBD resin is the fruit of ancestral know-how handed down from generation to generation.

Deli Hemp is proud to be among the first to offer this precious resin on the French market, enabling CBD connoisseurs and enthusiasts to discover a unique experience.

With its high CBD content and captivating aromas, Hashkom CBD resin promises an incomparable experience. From cultivation to extraction, Hashkom guarantees the superior quality of its product, backed by rigorous laboratory testing.

Immerse yourself in the rich and captivating history of Moroccan cannabis with Hashkom CBD resin, a true invitation to travel and discover the ancestral traditions of the Moroccan Rif.


CBG CBGA: 4,86%

Please note that our CBD products are not intended for food consumption. They are exclusively intended for external use or aromatic purposes. We recommend that you consult a healthcare professional before using our products, and that you follow the instructions for use provided. We decline all responsibility for any use that does not comply with these recommendations.



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Hashkom: the first CBD resin imported directly from Morocco, cradle of the world's best hashes!

Where does Hashkom CBD resin come from, and where is it produced specifically in Morocco?

Hashkom CBD resin is mainly produced in the mountainous regions of Morocco, notably in the famous RIF area, renowned for its climate and soil, which is ideal for cannabis cultivation.

One of the main players in the production of this CBD resin is the Coopérative Bio Cannat located in Chefchaouen. This cooperative specializes in the organic cultivation of the cannabis from which Hashkom CBD is extracted, respecting traditional methods while integrating modern, sustainable farming practices.

Chefchaouen, often nicknamed the "blue city", is nestled in the RIF and benefits from an ideal microclimate that favours the development of cannabis plants with a high CBD content .

Coopérative Bio Cannat takes advantage of these exceptional conditions to produce top-quality Hashkom CBD resin, while contributing to local economic development and maintaining a strong commitment to ethical and ecological practices. Not only does the cooperative ensure the traceability and purity of its resin, but it also plays an active role in preserving the environment in the RIF.

The cooperative's strategic location The Bio Cannat cooperative enjoys an exceptional strategic location in the Rif valley, between Ketama and Chefchaouen, regions renowned for producing the world's finest hash.

Deli Hemp has established itself as the 1st official Moroccan resin retailer.

Hashkom CBD resin, directly imported from the RIF, the heart of Morocco's ancestral hash-making know-how.

This leading position confirms Deli Hemp's commitment to quality and authenticity, offering its customers a unique experience. Hashkom resin is the fruit of a rigorous selection of the best plants, grown in the optimal conditions offered by the RIF, guaranteeing Moroccan hash of exceptional purity.

Obtaining the necessary license to import and distribute this product illustrates Deli Hemp's compliance with current regulations, ensuring perfect traceability and safety for consumers.

The exclusive partnership with the Moroccan cooperative Bio Cannat bears witness to the seriousness and professionalism of Deli Hemp, which positions itself not only as a distributor but also as an ambassador for Moroccan hash culture.

Hash Marocain: What manufacturing processes does Bio Cannat use to guarantee the quality of its CBD resin?

Bio Cannat, aware of the importance of quality in Moroccan hash production, implements meticulous manufacturing processes to guarantee first-rate CBD resin.

The company favors the use of natural resin, an essential criterion for consumers seeking pure, authentic products .

To preserve the beneficial properties of cannabis, Bio Cannat uses a cold-pressing method. This process preserves the terpenes and cannabinoids without altering the chemical structure of the resin.

The cold-pressed technique avoids exposure to high temperatures, which could degrade the active components of the hash. With rigorous temperature control and scrupulous respect for the production phases, Bio Cannat ensures that the natural resin retains all its aromatic richness and virtues.

Moroccan resin: what are the aromatic particularities of Hashkom CBD resin?

Originating from a Moroccan resin tradition, this exceptional hash variety is rich in terpenes

CBD Hashkom resin offers a rich sensory experience thanks to a well-balanced terpene profile, often evoking spicy, earthy and slightly sweet notes.

The complexity of its aromatic bouquet is the result of a meticulous selection of cannabis plants and an artisanal manufacturing process respecting traditional methods. Consumers appreciate Hashkom Moroccan resin not only for its relaxing CBD effects, but also for its olfactory signature, part of the long history of exceptional hash. In short, Hashkom CBD resin boasts a rich cultural heritage and aromatic quality that will appeal to lovers of authentic cannabic products.

Introducing the Bio Cannat cooperative and its role in cannabis cultivation in Morocco.

The Bio Cannat cooperative, based in the Rif valley, has played a pioneering role in the evolution of cannabis cultivation in Morocco.

Renowned for its commitment to sustainable agricultural practices, Bio Cannat makes a significant contribution to the local economy by producing one of the first CBD hash from rigorously selected cannabis varieties.

Located near Ketama, a region historically linked to cannabis production, the cooperative complies with Morocco's new regulations, aimed at controlling and legalizing certain uses of cannabis. By introducing innovative and responsible methods, Bio Cannat supports the region's farmers and positions Morocco on the global map of quality CBD.

The cooperative's strategic location The Bio Cannat cooperative enjoys an exceptional strategic location in the Rif valley, between Ketama and Chefchaouen, regions renowned for producing the world's finest hash.

This privileged location enables the cooperative to grow top-quality cannabis, benefiting from an ideal climate and ancestral know-how. The proximity of Ketama, often referred to as the hash capital, and Chefchaouen, with its rich agricultural traditions, gives Bio Cannat an undeniable advantage in the production of an organic hash prized by connoisseurs. This geographical advantage gives the cooperative a leading position in the market for the finest hash from the Rif Valley.

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