Moonrock THCP Flower stands out for its complex profile and captivating aroma.

Moonrock THCP Flower reveals the earthy scent of pollen that delicately envelops each bud.

This natural fragrance evokes the purity of the earth. The mellow texture of Fleur Moonrock THCP is sure to please cannabis connoisseurs. The well-balanced buds are pleasant to the touch, inviting you to explore every corner of this precious flower.

When it comes to terpenes, Fleur Moonrock THCP offers a complex olfactory symphony. Earthy flavors dominate, while fruity notes add a subtle sweetness.

This THC-P-enriched flower, wrapped in CBD pollen, delivers powerful effects.

This combined CBD and THC-P product offers a refined, cannabinoid-rich experience, transporting cannabis lovers to a state of intense relaxation. Moonrock THCP CBD's high cannabinoid content is sure to satisfy fans of new cannabis molecules. Developed and manufactured in Switzerland, it complies with legal standards in the European Union.

Please note that our CBD products are not intended for food consumption. They are exclusively intended for external use or aromatic purposes. We recommend that you consult a health professional before using our products, and that you follow the instructions for use provided. We accept no responsibility for any use not in accordance with these recommendations.



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Moonrock THCP, an exceptional creation, is born in the heart of Switzerland, shaped by renowned craftsmen and visionaries in the cannabinoid field.

This country, renowned for its commitment to excellence and exceptional craftsmanship, is home to a team of experts dedicated to pushing back the boundaries of the cannabis industry.

These Swiss craftsmen specializing in CBD, THCP and other cannabinoids are true masters of their craft, guided by an unwavering passion for innovation and quality. They cultivate, select and process cannabis varieties with meticulous precision, creating a Moonrock THCP that embodies Swiss elegance and expertise.

Every step of the manufacturing process, from flower cultivation to the meticulous application of THC-P and CBD pollen, is carried out with the attention to detail that characterizes Swiss craftsmanship.

The result is a Moonrock THCP of exceptional quality, reflecting Switzerland's commitment to state-of-the-art cannabinoid craftsmanship. Connoisseurs the world over can enjoy a sophisticated cannabic experience forged by Swiss excellence.

How is Moonrock THC-P made?

Moonrock THC-P Flower embodies the pinnacle of cannabic craftsmanship, the result of a meticulous and innovative manufacturing process.

It all starts with carefully selected CBD flowers, cultivated for their exceptional quality. These high-CBD cannabis buds provide the backdrop for a unique process where magic happens. The experts begin by delicately coating these CBD flowers in a thin layer of THC-P. This blend creates a complex synergy between the cannabinoids, offering consumers a unique experience.

To perfect this creation, the enriched buds are delicately rolled in a silky layer of CBD pollen, adding not only to the visual aesthetics, but also to the texture and aroma of Moonrock THC-P Flower.

The end result is a work of cannabic art, where the skilful fusion of different layers creates an unparalleled sensory experience for discerning connoisseurs. Every step of the process is executed with precision to guarantee exceptional quality and unrivalled satisfaction for cannabis connoisseurs.

How best to use Moon Rock THCP flower?

Different ways to use Moon Rock THCP flower

Moon Rock THCP flower is a highly potent cannabinoid known for its exceptional effects. To maximize its effects and get the most out of your Moon Rock THCP, one of the best methods to consider is vaporization. Unlike traditional smoking, vaporization offers a cleaner, more efficient way to consume Moon Rock THCP.

Vaporization involves heating the product to a temperature that transforms its active compounds into vapor. This vapor can then be inhaled without the harmful by-products associated with combustion. The vaporization process allows for a more controlled temperature setting, ensuring that the THCP contained in Moon Rock is not destroyed by overheating. This means that vaporization allows you to enjoy more of the benefits of Moon Rock THCP, while reducing the risk of potential harmful effects.

Vaporizers have become an increasingly accepted tool for consuming cannabis products such as THCP Moon Rock.

These devices come in different types and sizes, each with its own unique functionality and benefits. They offer a convenient, discreet and efficient way to consume THCP Moon Rock.

When using a vaporizer for THCP Moon Rock, it's essential to grind your product properly. A fine grind will increase the surface area exposed to heat, enabling more effective vaporization. Another essential aspect is temperature control. Most high-quality vaporizers allow you to adjust the temperature; finding the right setting can greatly enhance your experience. The ideal temperature for vaporizing THCP Moon Rock is around 160-210°C. This range guarantees optimal THCP activation without degradation or burning.

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