Cartridge THCJD - Amnesia
Cartridge THCJD - Amnesia
Cartridge THCJD - Amnesia
Cartridge THCJD - Amnesia
  • Cartridge THCJD - Amnesia
Cartridge THCJD



Discover the all-new THCJD - Amnesia cartridge, for a touch of euphoria, and maximum relaxation.

Our THCJD - Amnesia cartridge is specially designed for experienced users looking for intense relaxation.

Each puff delivers a rapid, euphoric build-up, transporting you to new heights of pleasure.
Enriched with selected terpenes to create a unique aromatic experience. Notes of limonene and pine mingle with earthy and floral nuances, offering a captivating experience with every inhalation.

Explore the endless possibilities of the cannabis experience and discover what true potency can bring to your everyday life.

cartridge THCJD - Amnesia is perfectly compatible with Deli Pen vape, offering a smooth, hassle-free vaping experience. Enjoy the power and flavor of this revolutionary strain with your favorite Deli Pen vape.

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Cartridge THCJD - Amnesia, potency of THCJD intense cannabis flavors

Cartridge THCJD - Amnesia represents a significant advance in the world of vaping, offering a unique experience thanks to its rich composition and superior quality.

At Delihemp. fr, we're proud to offer this strain, famous for its pleasant taste and fruity citrus notes, reminiscent of the fresh smell of the amnesia plant. The cartridge uses state-of-the-art technology with a ceramic core for efficient atomization, guaranteeing rich vapor and pure taste with every puff.

The concentration of THCJD, combined with a carefully selected blend of terpenes, offers deep relaxation while maintaining a clear state of mind. Whether you're looking for everyday relaxation or intense stress and pain relief, this cartridge is designed to meet your needs. Its oil permeability ensures efficient use of the product, maximizing the amount of vapor produced and the intensity of the experience. For those who prefer discretion without sacrificing quality, the THCJD - Amnesia cartridge is the perfect choice. With its elegant design and ease of use, it's the ideal companion for an exceptional vaping experience.

What is THC-JD?

THC-JD is a molecule recently discovered in the world of cannabis, offering a unique experience in terms of relaxation and well-being.

Like its cousins THC and CBD, THC-JD is distinguished by its chemical composition and affinity with CB1 receptors, promising intense relaxation without the strong psychoactive effects of classic THC. This molecule finds its place in a variety of products, including vaping oil cartridges, where it is appreciated for its ability to deliver deep relaxation. THC-JD Amnesia cartridges, for example, combine this molecule with the famous Amnesia variety to create an exceptional vaping experience, rich in aroma and sensation. The quality of these cartridges is based on strict criteria such as oil purity, atomization technology and the permeability of the ceramic core, guaranteeing a rich vapor and pleasant taste with every puff. For those seeking an intensely relaxing experience while enjoying the unique flavours of Amnesia, THC-JD cartridges offer the perfect blend of scientific innovation and aromatic pleasure.

Discover THC-JD Cartridge - Amnesia

Cartridge THCJD - Amnesia represents a significant advance in the world of vaping, offering an experience of intense relaxation and deep well-being thanks to its unique composition.

Designed with a carefully crafted blend of hydrogenated cannabis oil (HDH) and enriched with aromatic terpenes, this cartridge stands out for its exceptional quality and pleasantly fruity, citrus-like flavor. The Amnesia variety, famous for its orange notes and powerful mood-enhancing effect, is perfectly captured in this product. Thanks to the cutting-edge technology used in its manufacture, including a ceramic core and CCELL technology for optimal atomization, each puff delivers rich vapor and a pleasant sensation without compromising the product's potency or purity. Whether you're looking for daily relaxation or the occasional moment of unwinding, Cartridge THCJD - Amnesia is the ideal choice for those who demand the very best in taste, efficiency and quality.

Origin and composition of Cartridge THCJD - Amnesia

Cartridge THCJD - Amnesia is distinguished by its unique origin and complex composition, making it the product of choice for vaping enthusiasts seeking an experience of intense relaxation and deep well-being.

Derived from the famous Amnesia variety, known for its pleasant aromatic notes and powerful effect on the state of mind, this cartridge skilfully combines THCJD with a rigorous selection of natural terpenes to recreate the fruity, citrus scent characteristic of the original plant. The superior quality of the product is ensured by meticulous extraction in specialized laboratories, guaranteeing optimum cannabinoid concentration while preserving the resin's authentic flavor and beneficial properties. Advanced ceramic core and mouthpiece technology ensure efficient atomization and gentle vaporization, allowing maximum absorption of the active molecules for unrivalled relaxation and well-being. When you choose Cartridge THCJD - Amnesia, you're opting for an exceptional product, designed to offer a top-of-the-range vaping experience, perfectly combining exquisite taste with a deep relaxing effect.

What's the difference between CBD and THCJD?

The difference between CBD and THCJD lies mainly in their chemical composition and their impact on the body.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is renowned for its relaxing properties without causing psychoactive effects. It acts gently on the nervous system, promoting relaxation and well-being, reducing stress and pain with a moderate receptor affinity. In contrast, THCJD, a rarer and more potent molecule found in certain cannabis varieties such as amnesia, has a chemical structure that gives it a higher receptor affinity. This translates into an intensified vaping experience, offering deep relaxation and a pleasantly intense sensation. THCJD cartridges, such as those offered by delihemp. fr, are specially designed to maximize these effects, thanks to their high THCJD concentration and unique blend of aromatic terpenes. They are an ideal choice for those seeking an intensely relaxing experience with exceptional taste.

Amnesia, taste and aroma of the most popular strain in the cannabis world:

Amnesia stands out for its unique flavours and bewitching aroma, which captivate the senses from the very first inhalation. Famous for its exceptional quality and deep relaxing effect, this strain offers an incomparable vaping experience. Amnesia cartridges, especially those enriched with HDH Amnesia, concentrate all the essence of this strain in a practical, discreet format. With pleasantly fruity notes, reminiscent of orange and other citrus fruits, blended with an earthy, aromatic touch, each puff transports you into a state of intense well-being and relaxation. Connoisseurs will appreciate the careful composition of these cartridges, where Amnesia resin is combined with natural terpenes for an authentic experience. Whether for daily or occasional use, choosing an Amnesia cartridge means opting for a unique sensory journey, marked by exceptional taste and superior vapor quality.

Cartridge THCJD - Amnesia

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