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Edition 420 - CBD FLOWER
Edition 420 - CBD FLOWER
Munchies Madness 420
Edition 420 - CBD FLOWER
Munchies Madness 420
Edition 420 - CBD FLOWER
  • Edition 420 - CBD FLOWER
  • Munchies Madness 420
Munchies Madness 420

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Munchies Madness 420 - Limited Edition - 10G

Discover Munchies Madness 420, an exclusive limited edition inspired by Californian culture in homage to the iconic 4/20 day!

This premium strain is a true OG, infused with sunshine and characterized by dense, colorful buds adorned with bright orange pistils and covered with brilliant trichomes.

Each bud is a visual and olfactory surprise, with a creamy aroma that awakens the senses and fruity, fresh notes once crushed .

This variety offers an aromatic experience rich in fruity nuances, with pronounced citrus and berry aromas.

Both balanced and soothing, it provides a harmonious high, blending physical relaxation and mental stimulation.

Please note that our CBD products are not intended for food consumption. They are exclusively intended for external use or aromatic purposes. We recommend that you consult a healthcare professional before using our products, and that you follow the instructions for use provided. We decline all responsibility for any use that does not comply with these recommendations.



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Munchies Madness 420 - Your limited edition 420 is here!

A true OG infused with sunshine,its colorful, bright-orange pistils and brilliant trichomes testify to its purity and freshness.

the creamy aroma of the flowers will awaken all your senses. Once crushed, the flowers reveal their fresh, fruity side, releasing citrus and berry aromas.

Munchies Madness offers an aromatic bouquet rich in fruity nuances, with pronounced notes of citrus and berries. Both balanced and soothing, this strain delivers a harmonious high, blending physical relaxation with mental stimulation.

In tribute to cannabis culture, this special edition is launched in honor of 420, an iconic date celebrated by cannabis enthusiasts worldwide.

Don't miss this exclusive. Order now and discover the magic of La Munchies Madness.

What does Munchies Madness look like?

Munchies Madness has a remarkable appearance, characterized by dense, colorful buds that captivate the eye.

These buds are usually adorned with bright orange pistils, while their surface is covered with shiny trichomes, giving the flower a frosted appearance. Its appearance evokes quality and freshness, testifying to the care taken in growing it indoors.

Munchies Madness buds sport a light green hue that's quite rare for a CBD variety. But the real surprise is when you break a bud between your fingers and look closely: you're met with a field of ultra-bright trichomes.

Strain 420 flavours: Munchies Madness

Munchies Madness 420 - Edition limitée

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