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Improve your concentration and memory with our Adaptogenic Mushroom Oil.

Carefully designed for optimal relaxation, this unique formula combines the benefits of hemp with those of powerful adaptogenic mushrooms.

Discover the soothing power of adaptogenic mushrooms in our latest exploration of Serenity adaptogenic mushroom oil.

Their unique ability to regulate stress and promote emotional balance makes them invaluable allies for lasting peace of mind.

Customized concentrations: Thanks to our different concentrations, you can choose the dose that suits you best.

Each drop is carefully dosed to guarantee optimum effectiveness.

Here are our different concentrations in milligrams per drop:

5 mg per drop: Ashwagandha: 600 mg per 10 ml vial Lion's Mane: 200 mg Reishi: 200 mg

10 mg per drop: Ashwagandha: 1200 mg per 10 ml vial Lion's Mane: 400 mg Reishi: 400 mg

15 mg per drop: Ashwagandha: 1800 mg per 10 ml vial Lion's Mane: 600 mg Reishi: 600 mg

This customization allows you to choose the concentration that best suits your individual needs, giving you total control over your experience with our product.

Optimize your mental potential and discover new clarity with our Adaptogenic Mushroom Oil today!



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Adaptogenic mushrooms what are the serenity benefits and how does it work ?

Visit adaptogenic mushrooms have been recognized for thousands of years, particularly in the traditional chinese medicine, for their exceptional properties on general well-being and serenity.

These mushrooms, such as reishi, cordyceps and lion's mane, work in harmony with the body to improve its ability to manage stress and promote deep relaxation. Their action focuses on the regulation of stress hormones such as cortisol, helping to reduce anxiety levels and promote a state of inner calm.

What's more, these natural substances support the immune system, improve sleep quality and strengthen resilience in the face of environmental stressors. Thanks to their bioactive compounds, adaptogenic mushrooms offer a holistic approach to maintaining the body's balance and homeostasis, essential for optimal health and a lasting sense of serenity. Their use in oil or complex capsule form enables efficient assimilation by the body, offering a practical and powerful way of integrating these natural allies into our daily lives for enhanced physical and mental well-being.

What are the different adaptogenic mushrooms used in oils

Visit adaptogenic mushroom oils represent a remarkable fusion of age-old tradition and contemporary innovation, offering a range of benefits for body and mind.

Among the most popular species are theReishi, known for its soothing properties and its role in improving sleep quality. The Cordyceps is distinguished by its ability to increase stamina and vitality, while the Lion's mane (Lion's Mane) promotes cognitive and nervous health. Visit Chaga, rich in antioxidants, supports the immune system and fights inflammation. Last but not least Turkey Tail reinforces the body's natural defenses, offering additional protection against a variety of ailments. These oils, carefully extracted to preserve their therapeutic properties, are a powerful, natural way to harmonize body and mind, reducing stress and promoting a general sense of well-being.

Adaptogenic mushrooms An effective solution for peace of mind

Visit adaptogenic mushrooms are a major key to achieving a state of serenity and general well-being.

Thanks to their medicinal properties, inherited from centuries of traditional Chinese medicine, these particular mushrooms, such as reishi, cordyceps or lion's mane, offer a multitude of health benefits. They work in harmony with the body to reduce stress, improve sleep quality and strengthen the immune system. By acting on stress hormones such as cortisol, they promote natural resilience in the face of everyday stressors.

What's more, their rich antioxidant content helps fight inflammation and promote longevity. Whether in the form of oil, complex capsules or even integrated into the diet, adaptogenic mushrooms offer an effective, natural way to support body and mind. Their regular use can lead to a significant improvement in physical and mental well-being, making them an invaluable ally in the quest for a balanced, serene life.

Reishi: a powerful ally against stress

Visit Reishi, known as the mushroom of immortality in the traditional chinese medicine, is distinguished by its exceptional adaptogenic properties.

This medicinal mushroomstress reduction and improves sleep quality, acting directly on levels of cortisol, the hormone associated with stress. In addition, Reishi supports the immune system and contributes to greater resilience in the face of environmental and psychological stress factors. Its rich antioxidant content also helps combat inflammation and promote a state of general well-being. For those looking to incorporate Reishi into their daily routine, it is available in various forms, such as capsules  or oil, this is a simple and effective way to take advantage of its many benefits. By adopting Reishi as a dietary supplement, you can not only improve your stress management but also strengthen your body against common ailments, marking a step towards optimal health and increased vitality.

Shiitake: improving resilience to stress

Shiitake, a adaptogenic mushroom plays a key role in improving resilience to stress.

Thanks to its medicinal properties, this traditional Chinese mushroom acts on the body by regulating levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. By incorporating Shiitake into your diet or opting for capsules enriched with this extract, you offer your body a natural way to combat stress. This mushroom also promotes better sleep quality and strengthens the immune system, contributing to overall well-being. Its rich antioxidant content helps combat the damaging effects of oxidative stress, improving overall health and longevity. Adopting Shiitake as an ally in your routine can therefore be an excellent choice for those seeking to reduce their stress levels and increase their ability to adapt to everyday challenges.

Lion's Mane: promoting relaxation and mental clarity

Visit Lion's Mane, is an adaptogenic mushroom renowned for its exceptional properties in the field of mental and physical health.

This medicinal mushroom, used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine, offers a variety of benefits, including relaxation and mental clarity. Its wealth of natural substances helps reduce stress, improve sleep quality and enhance cognitive capacity. By acting on the nervous system, it helps the body cope with environmental and internal stressors, strengthening resilience and endurance in the face of daily challenges.

What's more, its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties support the immune system, contributing to overall well-being. For those looking to incorporate this adaptogenic mushroom superhero into their diet, it is available in a variety of forms: oil, complex capsules or powder. Each option offers a simple, effective way of harnessing the therapeutic virtues of Lion's Mane for better stress management and enhanced vitality.

How to consume adaptogenic Mushroom Oil - serenity ?

Adaptogenic Mushroom Oil for serenity and relaxation

Product description :Adaptogenic Mushroom Oil is an innovative formula designed to promote serenity. This oil combines the beneficial properties of hemp with those of adaptogenic mushrooms, offering natural support for your mental well-being.

Dosage :For best results, we recommend daily use of adaptogenic mushroom oil. Take 1 to 2 drops a day, preferably in the morning, under the tongue and allow them to absorb for a few moments before swallowing. You can also mix the drops in a glass of water or juice if you prefer.

Dosages : Each drop of our oil contains a balanced concentration of adaptogenic mushrooms for optimum support.

Base concentration for 5mg per drop :

Lion's mane: 400mg per 10ml vial

Shiitake: 400mg

Reishi: 200mg

Base concentration for 10mg per drop :

Lion's mane: 800mg per 10ml vial

Shiitake: 800mg

Reishi: 400mg

Base concentration for 15mg per drop :

Lion's mane: 1200mg per 10ml vial

Shiitake: 1200mg

Reishi: 600mg

Thanks to this precise formulation, you benefit from the synergistic effects of these powerful adaptogenic mushrooms, helping you to achieve greater serenity and improve resilience to stress.

Ingredients: Hemp oil (base), Shiitake, Lion's Mane, Reishi.

Warning: Consult your health care professional before using this product if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking medication or have any special medical conditions.

Storage : Store adaptogenic mushroom oil in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight.

Daily doses of adaptogenic mushrooms: in capsules.

VisitCapsules adaptogenic mushrooms offer a practical, precisely measured method for incorporating the benefits of these powerful mushrooms into your daily routine.

Whether you're drawn to reishi for its immune system support, Shiirak for improving stress resilience, or lion's mane for its relaxation and mental clarity effects, choosing the capsule form ensures easy, hassle-free consumption.

Unlike oils capsules can be taken with water, making their incorporation into your daily routine as simple as taking a morning vitamin.

Each capsule is designed to contain a precise amount of extract, ensuring that you receive a consistent and effective dosage with every intake. This is particularly advantageous for those following specific protocols or seeking to achieve optimal levels of overall well-being. By choosing capsules from reputable brands tested for purity and potency, you can be sure of getting the very best from adaptogenic mushrooms !

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