Explore an incomparable vaping experience with the Heybar Heypipe, specially designed for lovers of CBD flowers and CBD extracts.

This vaporizer combines refined aesthetics with exceptional performance, offering an avant-garde approach to vaping.

Featuring an elegant design, the Heybar Heypipe incorporates a state-of-the-art quartz atomizer that guarantees even heating to fully release the aromas and benefits of CBD.

Sand quartz, combined with a quality glass mouthpiece, ensures optimum flavor purity.

Ease of use is at the heart of the Heypipe experience. The included poker simplifies the preparation process, while the USB-C cable enables fast and convenient recharging.

With its thoughtful set of accessories, such as the brush and Q-tips, the Heybar Heypipe guarantees easy maintenance for increased durability.

Immerse yourself in premium vaping with the Heybar Heypipe, where cutting-edge technology meets ease of use for a relaxing experience.



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HEYPIPE Vaporizer from HEYBAR , specially designed for the efficient and enjoyable consumption of CBD.

HEYPIPE e vaporizers are designed to maximize the flavor and potency of your CBD, providing a clean, smooth vapor that allows you to fully enjoy the benefits of your product.

Pipe vaporizers are easy to use, with intuitive controls that allow precise temperature adjustment, guaranteeing optimal vaporization of your CBD .

HEYPIPE and HEYBAR also feature a sleek, compact design, making them perfect for use on the go. With these pipe vaporizers, you can enjoy your CBD in a more discreet and convenient way.

Whether you're a long-time CBD user or just starting out, HEYPIPE and HEYBAR vaporizers offer a superior experience. Discover the difference today and elevate your CBD consumption to new levels with our exceptional pipe vaporizers.

The benefits of vaporizing CBD with a Pipe

Vaporizing CBD using pipe vaporizers has a number of advantages, highlighting its potential as a premium CBD consumption method.

Firstly,this method is said to provide immediate relief, making it an attractive option for those seeking quick answers to health issues such asanxiety, pain and sleep disorders .

CBD's active compounds are absorbed directly into the bloodstream from the lungs, offering an immediate effect compared to other consumption methods.

Pipe vaporizers are considered one of the best methods of using CBD, as they allow precise control over dosage.

Users can decide exactly how much CBD they want to vaporize and inhale, facilitating a more personalized and controlled consumption experience. What's more, using pipe vaporizers ensures that only the purest form of CBD is inhaled, without the harmful by-products often generated during combustion in traditional smoking methods.

What's more, vaporizing CBD with a pipe is a more health-friendly alternative to smoking. It eliminates the risk of inhaling harmful toxins and carcinogens produced by cannabis combustion. This makes it a particularly safe option for people with respiratory problems. As a result, pipe vaporizers not only offer a premium and best way to use CBD, but also contribute significantly to promoting the health and well-being of users.

CBD flowers, CBD extracts... How to use the HEYPIPE CBD vaporizer pipe?

The HEYPIPE CBD vaporizer is an innovative device designed for the consumption of CBD flowers and extracts.

The vaporizer is easy to use and provides a convenient and effective method of ingesting the CBD products of your choice. To get started, make sure the pipe vaporizer is fully charged. Once charged, the user can load the CBD flowers or extracts into the pipe chamber. It's important to note that the CBD product must be finely ground to ensure even heat distribution and optimal vaporization.

For this you can use our cBD flower grinders.

After loading the chamber, you can switch on the device and set the desired temperature. The HEYPIPE CBD vaporizing pipe has arange of temperature settings to suit different user preferences and CBD products. Once the chosen temperature has been reached, you can start inhaling vapor through the pipe mouthpiece. Don't forget to clean the device after each use to preserve its performance and longevity. In conclusion, using a HEYPIPE CBD pipe is a simple process that allows users to comfortably and efficiently enjoy their favorite CBD flowers and extracts.

Consuming pure CBD extraction in my vaporizer pipe

The practice of consuming pureCBD extract through a vaporizer pipe has become increasingly popular in recent years.

This is largely due to CBD's many health benefits, as well as the ease and convenience offered by using a vaporizer pipe. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a natural compound found in the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, another cannabinoid found in cannabis, CBD has no psychoactive effects and therefore doesn't get you "high". Instead, it offers potential therapeutic effects such aspain relief, anxiety reduction and improved sleep.

The CBD extraction process involves isolating the compound from the cannabis plant and converting it into a form that can be consumed. Several forms of CBD are available on the market, including Crumble CBD and Crystal CBD. Each of these forms can be used in a vaporizer, depending on individual preference.

Crumble CBD is often preferred for its potency and ease of use. It can be easily loaded into the vaporizer pipe and heated to produce a vapor which is then inhaled. This ensures rapid absorption into the bloodstream and a rapid onset of effects. On the other hand, Crumble CBD is a more concentrated form of CBD that has been processed to create a crumbly texture. This form is often used for dabbing, but can also be used in a vaporizing pipe.

Crystal CBD is the purest form of CBD available, often reaching concentrations of 99%. It is generally used by people seeking themost potent possible effects from their CBD consumption. However, it must be handled with care and heated with precision to ensure effective use.

In conclusion, consuminga pure CBD extraction in a vaporizer is an effective and versatile method of harnessing CBD's potential therapeutic benefits.

Consuming CBD flower in my heypipe vaporizer, instructions for use.

Consuming CBD flower in a heypipe vaporizer is an effective way to enjoy the benefits of CBD.

The process is simple, but requires a few steps to ensure optimal use.

To begin with, you need a good-quality CBD flower. A hydroponicvariant of CBD flower can be an excellent choice due to its organic nature and high potency.

The first step in using CBD flower in your heypipe vaporizer is to grind it finely. Grinding increases the surface area of the flower, allowing for more effective vaporization. After grinding, fill the chamber of your heypipe vaporizer with the ground CBD flower. Be careful not to overfill the chamber, as this could restrict airflow and lead to inefficient vaporization.

Once the chamber is full, set your vaporizer to the appropriate temperature. The optimum temperature for vaporizing CBD flower is between 175 and 200°C. This range allows you to obtain all the beneficial compounds without causing combustion that could release harmful substances. Once your vaporizer has reached the desired temperature, you can start inhaling slowly and gently, to allow the CBD to be absorbed by your lungs.

Heypipe vaporizer settings and temperature control

How to choose the best vaporizer for CBD. classic vaporizer or vaporizer pipe

To choose the best vaporizer for CBD, whether it's a classic vaporizer or a vaporizing pipe, several criteria need to be taken into account. First of all,temperature is a key element: precise control ensures optimal extraction of cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG and CBN without causing combustion. Models such as the Fyhiit vaporizer offer an adjustable temperature range that is ideally suited to the vaporization of CBD flowers

Finally, personal preferencesmust be taken into account: some vapers prefer ease of use and discretion, while others seek advanced features and higher heating capacity. Whether you opt for a portable vaporizer or a pipe, make sure the device you choose matches your smoking style and your expectations in terms of performance and user experience. Shape and design also play a significant role in the selection of your vaporizer or pipe. For example, portable vaporizers like the HeyPipe are appreciated for their sleek design and ease of transport.

On the other hand, vaporizer pipes often offer a more handcrafted and authentic look, which can be an asset for lovers of unique objects.

It's also essential to find out about the heating system: conduction, convection or hybrid, while conduction systems are often more affordable and heat the plant material directly.

Finally, don't forget to check user reviews and product tests available online. These feedbacks can give you valuable information on the actual performance of the devices and their long-term reliability. All in all, choosing the best vaporizer for CBD involves thinking about your specific needs, budget and desired experience.Whether youwant to enjoy the delicate aromas of hemp to the full, or you're looking for a device that focuses on well-being, there's a device to suit every preference.Pipe Vaporizer: Temperature control and vapor inhalation

The Heybar Heypipe vaporizer's autonomy is optimized to meet your prolonged vaping needs.

Thanks to its high-performance battery, the Heybar Heypipe offers reliable autonomy, allowing several vaping sessions before needing a recharge. This gives you maximum flexibility to enjoy your CBD flowers or CBD extracts without interruption. The exact duration of autonomy may vary according to use and specific settings, but the Heybar Heypipe is designed to offer a continuous and satisfying vaping experience. Enjoy extended sessions in complete peace of mind with the Heybar Heypipe, an ideal companion for regular vaping enthusiasts.

Adjusting the temperature is key to getting the most out of your CBD vaporizer.

Adjusting the heat is essential to effectively extract the cannabinoids and terpenes from your CBD flower. Too high a temperature can lead to unwanted combustion, while too low a temperature may not release all the active compounds. Most vaporizers offer an adjustable control, allowing you to find the ideal degree for optimal vaporization. Once the temperature has been chosen, vapour inhalation should be gentle and even, allowing the CBD-rich vapour to come into contact with the lungs and deposit its active molecules. This gentle extraction method is a healthy alternative to traditional consumption and offers an experience without the carcinogenic substances associated with the combustion of plant material.

The blue (low) temperature mode is set at 2.5 V, creating a smooth, subtle vaping experience.

The green (medium) temperature mode operates at 3.0 V, offering an optimum balance between flavor and vapor production.

The red (high) temperature mode is set at 3.5 V, providing a denser vapor experience.

The white (peak) temperature mode reaches 4.0 V, ideal for abundant vapor production.

In the Heybar Heypipe vaporizer box, you'll find :

Heypipe vaporizer

Quartz atomizer

Sand quartz

Glass mouthpiece



USB-C cable

User's manual

5 Q-tips


Data sheet

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