24 days of discoveries of the best CBD flowers: the advent calendar for grown-ups is now available!

Get ready for a unique experience with our exceptional CBD advent calendars, specially designed for CBD enthusiasts and the curious in search of discoveries.

24 days of surprises, immersing you in the world of CBD in a whole new way!

THE calendar of surprises, to give or to treat yourself: cbd teas, cbd flowers, cbd candies, cbd resins...

If you're looking for a variety of affordable surprises, our CBD "discovery" Advent calendar is for you!

For just 54.90 euros, this calendar brings you an eclectic assortment of CBD teas, delicious CBD candies, CBD flowers, CBD resins, CBD capsules, and even CBD seeds to grow your own CBD hemp!

It's the perfect idea for a thoughtful gift or to treat yourself all December long.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to celebrate the festive season in an original and relaxing way, thanks to our CBD Deli Hemp Advent Calendars.

Each day brings a new discovery, plunging you a little deeper into the fascinating world of CBD. Order yours now and let us surprise you with 24 days of magic!

(calendar value: 110 euros incl. VAT)



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Discover the Deli Hemp CBD Advent Calendar

Deli Hemp's CBD Advent Calendar is a true sensory adventure, offering a daily discovery of various CBD products

It includes a selection of CBD flowers and CBD concentrates, chosen for their atypical taste and unique style. Each box reveals a new cannabic surprise to explore, with CBD flower samples and various varietal flavors .

What's more, this calendar features multiple varieties, offering a palette of experience to the user. Indeed, each product has its own singular taste and smell, allowing CBD enthusiasts to discover a wide variety of flavors.

Last but not least, a special mention goes to the organic initiative, with varieties grown organically in Europe.

The CBD 2023 Deli Hemp advent calendar!

For 2023, expectations are high for CBD Advent calendars.

Fans appreciate the originality and variety of products offered by Deli Hemp!

24 products, offering a carefully selected range of Californian flowers and CBD derivatives.

When do the 2023 advent calendars start?

The arrival of CBD Advent Calendars is usually announced in late October to early November.

It's worth noting that the traditional start date for Advent is December 3, 2023. However, most CBD Advent calendar consumers start their countdown as early as December 1. A date on which the calendar's first window is usually open.

Is buying a CBD advent calendar worth it?

There are several advantages to buying a CBD Advent calendar.

First, it's a unique opportunity to explore a variety of CBD products. For novices, it's a gentle introduction to this world. For connoisseurs, it's a chance to discover new flavors and varieties of cbd every day!

Secondly, the CBD Advent calendar is an original alternative to the traditional chocolate calendar, offering a touch of originality to your countdown to Christmas.

It's a way of sharing the pleasure of discovery. Whether for yourself or as a gift, buying a CBD Advent calendar can be an experience shared with friends and family, helping to dispel prejudices about light cannabis.

Deli Hemp CBD: a unique CBD advent calendar

The Deli Hemp CBD Advent Calendar is distinguished by its originality and attention to detail!

Blending Christmas flavors and sweet aromas, this calendar offers a unique sensory experience every time a box is opened. Among the surprises, users can discover a range of CBD-based products such as CBD flowers, CBD resins... Deli Hemp offers a mix of products, each as surprising as the next, ideal for discovering or rediscovering their diverse, high-quality range. The collector's edition adds a touch of fun and entertainment, reinforcing the unique aspect of this calendar.

The CBD advent calendar: a religious tradition or a cannabis trend?

The Advent calendar is a tradition of Germanic origin, designed to keep children waiting until Christmas.

Today, this tradition has evolved to adapt to different themes, including CBD. We're not talking religion here, but a cannabis trend. CBD Advent calendars are all about discovering and appreciating CBD products. They offer a new surprise every day, from flowers to infusions, providing a varied and original experience. CBD (or cannabidiol) is a molecule found in cannabis that, unlike THC, has no psychoactive effect.


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