Deli Hemp at Spannabis in Barcelona. The rise of a French CBD brand!

Deli Hemp at Spannabis in Barcelona. The rise of a French CBD brand!

Deli Hemp at Spannabis in Barcelona: The rise of a French CBD brand!

Barcelona, known for its love of culture and creativity, is also home to Europe's biggest cannabis fair - Spannabis.

Every year, thousands of people gather to celebrate and explore the latest trends in the cannabis industry. Spannabis offers a unique platform for CBD brands from around the world to showcase their products and connect with cannabis enthusiasts. It's the ideal place to discover the latest innovations, new brands and market trends.

The cannabis industry is booming, and CBD brands are playing a key role in this growth. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a natural compound in cannabis that offers numerous health benefits without the psychoactive effects of THC. Consumers are increasingly attracted to CBD products because of their therapeutic potential and versatile use. CBD brands have seized this opportunity to offer a range of products from oils and capsules to topicals and edibles. With demand growing, CBD brands are becoming major players in the cannabis industry.

Deli Hemp, a CBD brand with a European dimension

Among the CBD brands that have made their mark on the market, Deli Hemp is a name that continues to grow in popularity.

Founded in France, Deli Hemp has quickly established itself as a trusted brand, offering high-quality CBD products. With a commitment to sustainability and transparency, Deli Hemp stands out for its organic cultivation and environmentally-friendly extraction process. The brand offers a diverse range of CBD products, tailored to the needs and preferences of every consumer. From oils to capsules to topical products, Deli Hemp offers a premium CBD experience.

Deli Hemp at spannabis Barcelona 2024

Spannabis is a golden opportunity for Deli Hemp to connect with potential customers and showcase its product range.

The fair offers unprecedented visibility for CBD brands, allowing them to stand out and make a name for themselves. Deli Hemp has been participating in Spannabis for several years and has enjoyed growing success with each edition. At the show, visitors can discover Deli Hemp's products, ask questions of the company's CBD experts and learn more about the benefits of CBD. Spannabis is a crucial platform for Deli Hemp to build strong relationships with consumers and industry professionals.

Deli Hemp's participation in Spannabis offers a number of advantages. Firstly, it allows the brand to connect directly with cannabis and CBD enthusiasts, creating a relationship of trust and loyalty. In addition, presence at Spannabis offers increased visibility, allowing Deli Hemp to stand out in a competitive industry. Spannabis is also an opportunity for Deli Hemp to gather valuable feedback from consumers, enabling the brand to continue improving its products and meeting its customers' needs. Finally, participation in Spannabis allows Deli Hemp to position itself as a major player in the CBD industry and reinforce its credibility.

Deli Hemp B2B strategy at fair 2024

In addition to connecting with consumers, Deli Hemp has also developed a strong B2B strategy for Spannabis.

As a growing CBD brand, Deli Hemp seeks partnerships with retailers and distributors interested in marketing high-quality CBD products. Spannabis offers an ideal platform for presenting these partnership opportunities and establishing lasting business relationships. Deli Hemp also offers wholesale distribution programs such as Deli Hemp Grossiste and Deli Hemp Pro, providing retailers with the opportunity to purchase CBD products in bulk at preferential rates. This B2B strategy enables Deli Hemp to expand rapidly in the European market and extend its reach.

In addition to participating in Spannabis, Deli Hemp has recently expanded its presence in the European market by participating in other cannabis fairs, such as the Salon du Cannabis in Spain. The Salon du Cannabis offers a unique platform for presenting Deli Hemp's products to a wider European audience. With the expansion of medical cannabis and CBD legalization in Europe, there is a growing demand for trusted CBD brands. Deli Hemp is seizing this opportunity to position itself as a brand of choice for European consumers looking for high-quality CBD products. The Salon du Cannabis offers Deli Hemp unrivalled exposure and an opportunity to connect with potential business partners across Europe.

Deli Hemp, your CBD wholesaler

Deli Hemp recognizes the importance of providing wholesale options for retailers interested in marketing CBD products. That's why Deli Hemp offers Deli Hemp Wholesale and Deli Hemp Pro. These wholesale distribution programs offer retailers the opportunity to purchase high-quality CBD products in bulk at preferential rates. Deli Hemp Grossiste is aimed at retailers wishing to purchase CBD products in large quantities, while Deli Hemp Pro is designed for cannabis industry professionals looking to distribute Deli Hemp products on a large scale. These wholesale options enable Deli Hemp to meet the needs of retailers and partner with strong business partners.

Spain is one of Europe's fastest-growing CBD markets, and Deli Hemp has seized this opportunity to position itself as a leading brand. The Spanish CBD market offers enormous growth potential, with increasing demand for high-quality CBD products. Deli Hemp has won the trust of Spanish consumers thanks to its organic cultivation, environmentally-friendly extraction process and high-quality products. By establishing strong partnerships with retailers and distributors in Spain, Deli Hemp has succeeded in extending its reach and becoming one of the leaders of the CBD market in Spain.

In conclusion, Deli Hemp's participation in Spannabis and other cannabis fairs in Europe has been essential to the rise of this French CBD brand. Thanks to its presence at these fairs, Deli Hemp has been able to connect with consumers, establish strong B2B partnerships and expand its presence in the European market. With its commitment to quality, sustainability and transparency, Deli Hemp is well positioned to continue to thrive in the CBD industry.

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