Pod refill - Muscimol 50mg
Pod refill - Muscimol 50mg
Pod refill - Muscimol 50mg
Pod refill - Muscimol 50mg
  • Pod refill - Muscimol 50mg
Pod refill

Muscimol 50mg


Muscimol 50mg Pod refills - designed for exceptional vaping, dedicated to mushroom lovers.

Explore a range of natural terpene flavours such as Amnesia, White Widow, Runtz, Kush Note, Strawberry Kush and Lemon OG, each carefully selected to offer a unique sensory experience boosted with Muscimole.

Our pod refills are available in two different strengths: 50mg and 20mg, giving users the chance to tailor the intensity of their vaping experience to their preferences and Muscimole tolerance.

Refills for 50mg Muscimol Pods offer increased potency for more pronounced effects, while 20mg Muscimol Pods offer a smoother, more controlled option.

Refill cartridge to fit Muscimol Pods 



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Pods Muscimol 50mg - Refills Muscimol

Discover our range of Muscimol 50mg Pods - Muscimol Refills, a unique vaping experience combining the power of muscimol and the richness of terpenes.

But what is a pod? Pods are pre-filled cartridges designed specifically for vaping devices, offering optimum convenience and ease of use.

Muscimol is an organic compound naturally present in certain mushroom varieties. Combined with terpenes, aromatic compounds found in plants, muscimol offers a complete, richly flavored sensory experience.

Each pod refill provides a precise dose of muscimol (20mg or 50mg)For consistent, controlled vaporization. Why opt for a refill at your pod? Not only do refills guarantee a consistent vaping experience, they also offer a variety of flavors to suit your personal preferences.

With our six unique flavors, such as Amnesia, White Widow, Runtz, Kush Note, Strawberry Kush and Lemon OG, you can explore and savor a range of captivating tastes and aromas with every inhalation.

Experience quality, convenience and diversity with our Muscimol 50mg Pods - Muscimol Refills, and immerse yourself in an incomparable sensory journey with every puff.

Why opt for rechargeable pods ?

Opting for rechargeable pods offers several significant advantages:

Economical refillable pods cut costs in the long term, because you don't have to keep buying new pre-filled cartridges. By refilling your pods, you save money over the long term.

Customizable with refillable pods, you have the freedom to choose your own e-liquid or substance to vaporize. This allows you to personalize your vaping experience according to your preferences for flavor, concentration and substance type.

Ecological by using refillable pods, you reduce the amount of plastic waste generated by disposable cartridges. This contributes to a smaller ecological footprint and greater environmental sustainability.

Versatile : Refillable pods offer greater versatility, as you can fill them with different types of liquid, whether nicotine e-liquids, CBD e-liquids or other vaporizable substances.

Dose control by refilling your own pods, you have greater control over how much you vaporize with each use. This allows you to better manage your consumption and adapt the dose to your individual needs.

Information about muscimol for vaping :

Muscimol for vaping is an interesting alternative for those looking for a different drinking experience.

In France, legislation authorizes the use of muscimol in certain specific contexts, notably for vaporization. This regulatory approval provides a legal opportunity for consumers to discover the unique effects of muscimol.

Vaporizing muscimol offers several advantages. Firstly, vaporization enables rapid and efficient absorption of the active compounds, which can potentially offer a faster and more pronounced experience than other consumption methods. In addition, vaporization reduces combustion and the risks associated with inhalation of toxic substances, offering a safer option for consumers.

However, for those who prefer a different method of consumption, the gummies muscimol offer a practical, discreet alternative. These gummies are generally designed with precise dosages, allowing easier control of the dose consumed. What's more, they offer a pleasant taste experience, which may be appreciated by those seeking to avoid the potentially bitter flavors associated with other forms of muscimol consumption.

In summary, muscimol vaping offers a legal and potentially safer option for those looking to explore its unique effects. For those who prefer an alternative method of consumption, the gummies muscimol are a practical and tasty option to consider.

Flavors and terpenes available in muscimol 50mg and 20mg pods:

Discover an exquisite range of flavors and terpenes available in our Muscimol 5mg and 2mg pods:

Amnesia an earthy, spicy flavor accompanied by lemony notes, offering an invigorating, energizing experience.

White Widow A subtle blend of floral and woody flavors, with sweet and earthy notes, for a feeling of relaxation and euphoria.

Runtz a sweet, fruity aroma, reminiscent of tropical candy, combined with relaxing terpenes for a soothing, pleasurable experience.

Kush Note rich, complex flavors of earth, pine and spice, typical of Kush varieties, offering a deep, relaxing experience.

Strawberry Kush a delicious combination of ripe strawberries and earthy notes, creating a perfect balance of sweetness and depth for a gentle, relaxing experience.

Lemon OG lively, refreshing aromas of lemon and pine, with earthy nuances, offering a revitalizing, stimulating experience.

Each flavour is carefully selected to offer a unique and captivating sensory experience, enriched by natural terpenes that complement and enhance the senses enhance the effects of muscimol. Immerse yourself in an unparalleled vaping experience with our Muscimol 50mg and 20mg Pods, and discover a world of flavors and sensations.

Recharge pod - Muscimol 50mg
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