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Discover HHCPO FLOWER - TRIM, a true innovation in cannabinoids.

This product is made from HHCPO flower residues, a recent cannabinoid considered more potent than CBD.

The residues of our HHCPO flowers are found in the HHCPO Trim sachet. HHCPO Trim contains a high percentage of HHCPO, affirming its potency and superior quality.

Our HHCPO Trim flowers, a powerful alternative to CBD Trim!

Grown with care, these flowers are boosted with HHCPO, offering a powerful experience. Deli Hemp's Trim HHCPO embodies superior quality, ideal for those seeking a robust alternative to CBD trim.



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What is HHCPO Trim flower?

HHCPO Trim flower is a blend of CBD flowers, boosted with HHCPO

This specialized blend is distinguished by its distinct composition, which includes the cannabinoid hhcpo, known for its potency.

Trim HHCPO features:

High Cannabinoid Concentration: Trim HHCPO flowers stand out for their high cannabinoid content, delivering a powerful, rich experience.

Trim HHCPO benefits: Cannabinoid potency: Thanks to its high cannabinoid concentration, Trim HHCPO offers a robust alternative for those seeking a more intense CBD experience.

Quality Controlled: Deli Hemp's Trim HHCPO flowers undergo rigorous quality controls, ensuring compliance with the CBD industry's highest standards.

Deli Hemp's Trim HHCPO offers an aromatic hemp experience, as the HHCPO does not alter the flavour of the flower itself

These characteristics reflect the superior quality of carefully selected hemp flowers.

Odors: Earthy aromas: earthy notes, underlining the authenticity of Trim HHCPO.

Floral nuances: Delicate floral touches add a subtle dimension to the aromas, creating a balanced experience.

Flavors: Fresh Herbs: A fresh herbaceous flavor reminiscent of hemp flowers, bringing a sensation of purity

The scent and flavor of Deli Hemp's Trim HHCPO are the result of a meticulous cultivation and harvesting process, aimed at capturing the authentic essence of hemp.

Looking for an innovative and powerful alternative? Try Trim THCP

Deli Hemp's Trim THCP represents an evolution in the world of cannabis, with THCP content complementing the rich palette of cannabinoids.

Known for its potentially stronger properties, THCP offers a unique experience for those in search of new sensations.

Distinctive features: THCP concentration: Trim THCP stands out for its tetrahydrocannabinol propyl content, offering an alternative for consumers seeking a more intense experience.

Superior quality: The hemp flowers that make up Trim THCP are carefully grown and subjected to strict quality controls, guaranteeing a reliable experience of the highest standards.

The benefits of the Trim format at Deli Hemp?

The CBD trim format concept is a low-cost approach, making it financially viable and more accessible to all CBD consumers.

The concept has gained popularity due to its low production cost, practical use and ease of handling by-product residues.

The Trim concept, and its format, is based on the notion of using every part of the cannabis plant.

HHCPO's Trim is renowned for its practicality and ease of use. Since it comes in a 10 g format, it's easy to measure and use.

Please note that our CBD products are not intended for food consumption. They are exclusively intended for external use or aromatic purposes. We recommend that you consult a health professional before using our products, and that you follow the directions for use provided. We accept no responsibility for any use not in accordance with these recommendations

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