HHCP-O - 10% refill
HHCP-O - 10% refill
HHCP-O - 10% refill
HHCP-O - 10% refill
  • HHCP-O - 10% refill
Pod Refill

HHCP-O 10%


HHCP-O 10% refill is the ideal solution for a powerful refill experience.

Compatible only with the Deli Hemp pod, this 1ml refill offers all the benefits of Amnesia.

Enjoy its powerful effects and exceptional concentration.

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Understanding the HHCP-O 10% 1 ml refill and its importance

The 1 ml refill is a revolutionary innovation in the world of vaping.

Unlike standard 0.5 ml refills, this 1 ml refill offers a longer, more satisfying vaping experience. It contains a greater quantity of HHCP-O liquid, enabling users to enjoy their vapoteur for longer without having to refill frequently. The importance of the 1 ml refill lies in its ability to deliver an uninterrupted vaping experience. With a single 1 ml refill, you can enjoy your vaporizer for an extended period without worrying about running out of liquid. This allows you to relax and enjoy your vaping moment to the full, without interruption.

Explore the flavor options available with the 1 ml refill - Amnesia

One of the most attractive features of the 1 ml refill is the variety of flavors available.

Among these, the Amnesia flavor particularly stands out. This flavor offers a unique and refreshing vaping experience. Subtle notes of tropical fruit and mint create the perfect combination of sweetness and freshness, delighting your taste buds with every puff. The 1 ml refill offers exceptional flavor intensity, thanks to its HHCP-O concentration. With each puff, you can expect an explosion of flavor that will transport you to a world of gustatory delights. Whether you're a fan of fruity or menthol flavors, the 1 ml refill has it all.

Unleash the power of 10% HHCP-O

The 1 ml refill is specially formulated with a 10% concentration of HHCP-O, guaranteeing a powerful and satisfying vaping experience.

HHCP-O is an active compound derived from hemp, offering numerous health benefits. It helps reduce stress, promotes relaxation and can even improve sleep quality. Thanks to the high concentration of HHCP-O in the 1 ml refill, you can enjoy all these benefits in a single puff. You'll immediately feel a sense of relaxation and calm, while savoring the exquisite flavor of your choice. The power of HHCP-O in this 1 ml refill is truly incomparable.

Compatibility of the 1 ml refill with Deli Hemp HHCP-O vape

It's important to note that the 1 ml refill is compatible only with Deli Hemp HHCP-O vape.

This compatibility guarantees an optimal vaping experience, allowing the vapoteur to work harmoniously with the 1 ml refill. Be sure to use the 1 ml refill only with Deli Hemp HHCP-O vape to take full advantage of its benefits.

How to use the 1 ml refill for a better smoking experience

Using the 1 ml refill is simple and easy.

First, make sure you have the Deli Hemp HHCP-O vape and the 1 ml refill to hand. Insert the 1 ml refill into the vape according to the instructions provided. Be sure to secure the refill to prevent leakage. Once the 1 ml refill is attached, switch on your vape and adjust the settings according to your preferences. Inhale gently through the mouthpiece and savor the rich flavor and power of HHCP-O. Repeat this procedure every time you want to vape and enjoy an exceptional smoking experience.

Recharge HHCP-O - 10%

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