Cartridge H4CBD - Gelato
Cartridge H4CBD - Gelato
Cartridge H4CBD - Gelato
Cartridge H4CBD - Gelato
Cartridge H4CBD - Gelato
Cartridge H4CBD - Gelato
  • Cartridge H4CBD - Gelato
  • Cartridge H4CBD - Gelato
Cartridge H4CBD



Discover an unparalleled vape experience with Cartridge H4CBD - AMNESIA.

Meticulously designed by 10grams, this cartridge boasts an exceptional 95% H4CBD concentration.

Whether you opt for the 0.5 mL or 1 mL version, get ready to savor between 300 and 600 puffs of intense pleasure.

Each inhalation immerses you in remarkable aromatic power, with the traditional sensations offered by H4CBD. This product is the preferred choice for those who want to combine the strength of a robust vape with the exquisite, authentic taste of AMNESIA.

The Cartridge H4CBD - AMNESIA, a meeting of performance and pleasure for an enriched vaping experience.



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The benefits of Cartridge H4CBD - AMNESIA

The benefits of Cartridge H4CBD - AMNESIA lie mainly in its unique composition and relaxing effect.

This innovative product, derived from a hydrogenated version of CBD, has a low affinity for the CB1 receptor, giving it soothing properties without the psychoactive effects associated with THC. The Amnesia H4CBD cartridge is distinguished by its savory aroma and earthy scent characteristic of the Amnesia variety, enriched with specific terpenes for an exceptional vaping experience.

What's more, its pure distillate formula guarantees superior quality, free from undesirable chemical compounds. Whether you're an amateur looking to enjoy a moment of intense relaxation, or a regular consumer looking for a healthier alternative to traditional cannabis, Cartridge Amnesia H4CBD is an excellent choice. Its ease of use, with a simple priming draw system and optimized oil permeability thanks to the ceramic core, ensures a smooth and pleasant user experience.

Comparison between H4CBD and CBD

H4CBD and CBD share a similar chemical base, but have key differences that influence their interaction with the body.

CBD, an organic compound extracted from the cannabis plant, is renowned for its relaxing and soothing properties without inducing significant psychoactive effects. Its molecular structure enables it to interact with the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system, offering a deeply relaxing experience.

In contrast, H4CBD is a hydrogenated version of CBD, resulting from a modification in which a hydrogen atom is added to the CBD molecule. This transformation makes it a semi-synthetic form with a low affinity for CB1 receptors, which can alter the intensity and nature of the user experience. While both aim to provide relaxation and well-being, H4CBD stands out for its ability to offer intense relaxation without the undesirable effects associated with THC. This feature makes H4CBD particularly appealing to those seeking the benefits of CBD in a potentially more potent and innovative form.

Cartridge H4CBD - AMNESIA flavours

The flavors in Cartridge H4CBD - AMNESIA are distinguished by their complexity and richness, offering a unique and memorable sensory experience.

The Amnesia variety, famous for its intense fragrance and earthy notes, blends perfectly with advanced cartridge technology to release a powerful, flavorful aroma. Steam enthusiasts will be seduced by Amnesia's subtle terpene blend, which evokes a bouquet of flavors ranging from sweet to spicy, with hints of green and orange citrus. This exceptional composition is enhanced by the use of pure H4CBD distillate, creating a relaxing, soothing vapor without the psychoactive effects of THC.

The volume atomization method thanks to ccell technology ensures a smooth vaping experience, where each puff delivers a precise dose of H4CBD for deep relaxation. In short, Cartridge H4CBD - AMNESIA is the superior choice for those seeking both exceptional taste and intense relaxation without compromising on quality.

Cartridges H4BCD Tengrams: 0.5ML to 1ML of H4CBD for 300 to 600 puffs per cartridge

Each cartridge is designed to deliver not only a delicious Amnesia taste, but also intense relaxation thanks to the specific formulation of H4CBD, a hydrogenated version of cannabidiol.

This compound has an increased affinity for receptors, enhancing efficacy without the psychoactive effects associated with THC. The CCELL technology used in these cartridges ensures efficient atomization of the liquid, guaranteeing that every puff is rich in flavor and pleasure. Optimum oil permeability thanks to the patented ceramic core ensures even vaporization, making every vape session unique and satisfying. For those looking to combine the relaxing benefits of CBD with the pleasure of earthy, aromatic flavor, these cartridges are the ideal choice. Easy to use and compatible with most vape pens, they offer a convenient and enjoyable way to integrate H4CBD into your daily routine.

Fast delivery: H4CBD, THCP, THCJD, HHCPO, CBD, to Paris in 24h!

For those looking to explore new developments in the world of CBD and its derivatives such as H4CBD, THCP, THCJD, HHCPO

Whether you're a connoisseur in search of thehighest quality or a novice curious to experiment with unique formulations, this offer guarantees not only immediate satisfaction but also limitless exploration of the different aromatic nuances and relaxing effects these compounds can offer.

With a varied range from Amnesia cartridges to rarer hydrogenated versions, each product is designed to meet specific needs - whether for intense relaxation after a long day, or to enjoy a moment of pleasure with earthy, aromatic flavors. The ease of access to these innovative products, combined with rapid delivery, marks a turning point in the accessibility of H4CBD and its derivatives on the French market.

Cartridge H4CBD - Gelato
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