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98% H4CBD

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Our CBD distillate is the result of cutting-edge technology and a meticulous extraction process, designed to eliminate impurities and leave only the essence of H4CBD.

The result is a crystal-clear, THC-free product, guaranteeing a safe, non-psychoactive experience.

Whether you're a curious novice or a passionate connoisseur, H4CBD Distillate 98% offers unparalleled potency.



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What is Distillate 98% H4CBD, and how does it differ from H4CBD Crumble?

H4CBD, or hydrogenated CBD, is a highly refined form of CBD (cannabidiol) that undergoes a process known as hydrogenation.

In this process, hydrogen molecules are added to CBD, creating a "superior" or "enhanced" version of ordinary CBD. It's a powerful molecule that offers many benefits, and has exploded in popularity worldwide.

Let's take a look at H4CBD 98% Distillate and H4CBD Crumble.

H4CBD 98% Distillate is a very pure and potent form of H4CBD. As its name suggests, it contains 98% H4CBD, making it one of the most potent forms of CBD available on the market. The remaining 2% is made up of other minor cannabinoids and terpenes, which reinforce its overall effectiveness. The term "distillate" refers to the distillation process used to achieve this high level of purity.

During this process, H4CBD is heated until it vaporizes, then cooled to condense into a liquid. This process separates H4CBD from any unwanted compounds, ensuring that you receive only the highest quality product. So when you choose H4CBD 98% Distillate, you're opting for superior quality and potency.

On the other hand, H4CBD Crumble is another form of H4CBD that is less refined than its distilled counterpart, but has its charm. It owes its name to its crumbly, wax-like texture. The extraction process for crumble is slightly different. Instead of being distilled to remove all other compounds, it undergoes a purification process that retains some of the other beneficial compounds present in cannabis. The result is a product that offers a wider range of benefits.

While both forms are legal in France (provided they comply with legislation on THC content), they cater for different personal preferences and practices. If you're looking for something incredibly potent and pure, you might prefer H4CBD 98% Distillate.

Remember that each form of H4CBD, whether synthesized in the laboratory or derived directly from nature, has its own value. The choice ultimately depends on what you're looking for in your CBD experience.

How do you go about selecting the cannabis strains to produce this highly concentrated H4CBD Distillate?

First of all, we have to consider the nature of what we're producing: a premium CBD distillate.

CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the many cannabinoids present in cannabis, but it is particularly renowned for its potential therapeutic benefits without causing a high. So we're looking for strains with high CBD content and low THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content, the component of cannabis responsible for psychoactive effects.

When we talk about premium cannabis strains, we're referring to varieties that have been carefully cultivated and selected to offer superior quality in terms of potency, aroma and overall experience. These strains often have unique flavor profiles, are rich in terpenes (the compounds that give cannabis its distinctive smell and taste) and have a high CBD content.

When selecting the best cannabis strains for our H4CBD distillate, we take several factors into account. First, we take into account the ratio of CBD to THC. The ideal strain will have a high CBD content (usually over 10%) and a relatively low THC content. This allows our customers to enjoy all the benefits of CBD without the undesirable psychoactive effects.

Next, we look at the terpene profile.

Terpenes not only determine the aroma and flavor of the strain, but also contribute to its therapeutic effects. Some terpenes may promote relaxation and stress relief, while others may aid concentration or improve mood.

Finally, we take into account feedback from our community. We listen to what our customers have to say about the efficacy, flavor and overall experience of the different varieties. This feedback is invaluable in helping us select the best varieties for our distillate.

In summary, selecting the best cannabis strains for the production of our H4CBD distillate involves careful consideration of CBD and THC ratios, terpene profiles, genetic reputation and customer feedback. It's not a decision we take lightly, as we're committed to providing you with the highest quality product possible.

How do you achieve such a high CBD content in H4CBD distillate?

To achieve high CBD content in H4CBD distillate, there are a few key steps to follow:

1. **Selection of high-CBD strains**: The process begins with the selection of CBD-rich hemp varieties. These strains are specifically selected to have high levels of CBD and low levels of THC (the psychoactive component of cannabis).

2. **Extraction**: After harvesting, the plant material undergoes an extraction process to extract cannabinoids, terpenes and other compounds. Several extraction methods can be used, such as CO2 extraction, ethanol extraction or hydrocarbon extraction. The choice of method can affect the final CBD content.

3. **Distillation**: After extraction, the crude oil obtained is distilled. Distillation further purifies the extract, removing undesirable components such as lipids, waxes and chlorophyll. The extract is heated and each compound is separated according to its boiling point, allowing CBD to be isolated.

4. **Refining and purification** : The final stage is further refining and purification, where all remaining impurities are removed using processes such as winterization and decarboxylation. The result is a pure distillate with a high CBD content.

5. **Laboratory testing**: To guarantee a high-quality product with an exact CBD content, the final distillate is tested in the laboratory using advanced methods such as high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).

It's important to note that while these steps may seem simple on paper, they require in-depth knowledge of chemistry and state-of-the-art equipment to be carried out effectively.

What are the permitted THC levels for this Distillate 98% H4CBD, and how can you make sure they're always below the legal limits?

The European Union has a very clear position on this matter. According to these regulations, all CBD products, including Distillate 98% H4CBD, must contain THC levels of 0.3% or less.

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the psychoactive compound found in cannabis that is largely responsible for the euphoric sensation experienced when consuming certain cannabis products.

This 0.3% threshold is the norm in many jurisdictions, not only in Europe. The reason for this limit is mainly related to public health and safety concerns, as high levels of THC can lead to unpredictable effects. The emphasis on CBD (Cannabidiol), particularly in products such as Distillate 98% H4CBD, is due to its potential therapeutic benefits without the psychoactive effects.

In short, if your Distillat 98% H4CBD is subject to European legislation, it must strictly comply with the 0.3% THC limit. Exceeding this limit could lead to legal complications, and it's always best to err on the side of caution in this area.

Remember that CBD products have many potential benefits, but it's always best to consult a healthcare professional before embarking on a new wellness regime. He or she will be able to give you personalized advice based on your medical history and needs.

How to consume H4CBD distillate?

One of the most popular methods is vaporization.

Vaporization is a healthier alternative to smoking, as it involves heating CBD distillate to a temperature that turns it into vapor, rather than burning it to make smoke. To vaporize H4CBD distillate, you'll need a vaporizer or a vaporizer designed for vaporizing concentrates.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Load your vaporizer: First of all, you need to load your vaporizer with H4CBD distillate. Most vape pens are equipped with a small loading compartment where you can place the distillate.

Heating the vaporizer: Next, you need to heat your vaporizer. This process varies according to the specific model of your vaporizer. In general, you need to press and hold a button that activates the heating element.

Clean your vaporizer: After using your vaporizer on, it's essential to clean it regularly to ensure its longevity and maintain hygiene.

Remember that everyone's CBD experience is unique, and you may need to experiment with dosage and method of intake until you find what works best for you.

One word of caution, however: while vaporizing CBD distillate can deliver fast-acting effects, it can present potential risks such as lung damage if misused or overused.


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