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Pre-rolled H4CBD Trim

The perfect option for CBD flower enthusiasts looking for a convenient, quality smoking experience.

Box of 2 pre-rolls.

With our H4CBD Trim pre-roll, we offer you a convenient way to enjoy the benefits of CBD in an easy-to-use format.

Whether you're a fan of traditional joints or want to discover the benefits of CBD, our H4CBD Trim pre-roll is here for you.

Carefully prepared from quality CBD flowers, this pre-rolled joint offers a pleasant, relaxing experience. It's time to explore a new way of enjoying weed with our pre-rolled H4CBD Trim.



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Features of Trim H4CBD flowers

The Trim H4CBD flowers used in our CBD pre-rolls have several distinctive characteristics:

1. Superior quality

We source high-quality trim flowers, carefully selected to ensure a satisfying experience for our customers. Our commitment to quality means that only trim flowers that meet our rigorous standards are used in the production of our pre-rolls.

2. High concentration of hydrogenated CBD

Trim H4CBD flowers are distinguished by their high concentration of hydrogenated CBD. Thanks to an advanced hydrogenation process, the CBD molecule is strengthened, resulting in a powerful and effective formula for an optimal experience.

3. Variety of sizes available

We offer a range of Trim H4CBD flower pre-rolls to suit different needs. Whether you prefer mini flowers for a light, unobtrusive experience or medium flowers for a more pronounced experience, we have options to suit your preferences.

The benefits of Trim H4CBD flowers

Trim H4CBD's flower-based CBD pre-rolls offer a range of potential benefits for consumers:

1. Relaxing effects

The CBD present in our pre-rolls can help induce deep relaxation, promoting a sense of calm and tranquillity. CBD's relaxing properties can be beneficial in reducing stress and promoting a state of relaxation.

2. Alternative to tobacco

As a tobacco substitute, our Trim H4CBD flower pre-rolls offer a healthier option for those looking to quit smoking or reduce their tobacco consumption. CBD pre-rolls offer a similar experience to a traditional joint without the presence of nicotine and tobacco.

3. General well-being

CBD has been associated with a variety of benefits for general well-being. Some consumers report improved mood, anxiety relief and reduced physical discomfort. The Trim H4CBD flowers used in our pre-rolls offer the opportunity to take advantage of these potential benefits. We are proud to offer H4CBD Trim flower pre-rolls that combine superior quality characteristics with beneficial benefits.

Manufacturing process for our H4CBD trim flower pre-rolls

At Deli Hemp, we place great importance on quality and expertise in the manufacture of our H4CBD trim flower pre-rolls. Here's a description of the process we follow:

1. Careful selection of H4CBD trim flowers

We carefully select high-quality H4CBD trim flowers to ensure an optimal experience for our customers. Our expert team meticulously selects trim flowers based on appearance, aroma, CBD content and other quality criteria.

2. Preparing trim flowers

Once the trim flowers have been selected, they are prepared for the production of pre-rolls. This may include steps such as drying, cutting and removing unwanted stems. Our aim is to preserve the integrity of H4CBD trim flowers while ensuring uniformity in each pre-roll.

3. Integration of hydrogenated CBD

We then add hydrogenated CBD, a powerful molecule, to our pre-rolls. The hydrogenated CBD is carefully dosed to ensure an optimal and consistent concentration in each pre-roll. This step enhances the beneficial effects of CBD and provides a superior experience for our customers.

4. Pre-roll production

Prepared trim flowers and hydrogenated CBD are then carefully rolled in high-quality cigarette papers to create our pre-rolls. We ensure that each pre-roll is perfectly sealed to preserve product freshness and quality.

5. Quality control and packaging

Each batch of H4CBD trim flower pre-rolls undergoes rigorous testing to ensure quality and compliance with our company's high standards. Once the pre-rolls are approved, they are packaged in secure, airtight containers to maintain freshness until delivery. We are committed to providing H4CBD trim flower pre-rolls of the highest quality, offering a pleasant and beneficial experience to our customers. Our professional manufacturing process and attention to detail ensure that each pre-roll is designed with care and expertise.

What distinguishes our H4CBD pre-rolls from conventional CBD pre-rolls ?

Our pre-rolled CBD gaskets stand out from other CBD flower products thanks to several distinctive features:

H4CBD our H4CBD brand represents a significant difference in CBD potency. Our pre-rolls contain an exclusive formula of H4CBD trim flowers, which are specially selected to deliver superior benefits

CBD potency h4CBD pre-rolled joints are designed to deliver exceptional CBD concentration. Thanks to our advanced hydrogenation process, our hydrogenated CBD is up to 100 times more potent than traditional CBD. This results in a more effective and beneficial experience for our customers

Balanced trim mix we use a balanced blend of high-quality trim flowers to create our pre-rolls. This carefully selected blend guarantees a harmonious taste and experience, while delivering the natural benefits of the cannabis plant.hydrogenated CBD effectiveness: The presence of hydrogenated CBD in our pre-rolled joints makes them even more effective. Hydrogenated CBD is the main and most active form of cannabidiol, which means it's more easily absorbed by the body and can work faster to reduce stress and anxiety, among other benefits

Combustion quality our pre-rolled joints are made with superior quality paper, offering a slow, even burn. Combined with quality charcoal, this guarantees a pleasant smoking experience without compromising on flavor or CBD benefits

In short, the difference between our pre-rolled CBD joints lies in our H4CBD brand, the potency of hydrogenated CBD, our balanced blend of trim flowers, the quality of combustion and the superior benefits they offer. We're proud to offer products that stand out in the marketplace and provide a quality experience for our customers.

H4CBD content in our pre-rolled gaskets and benefits for consumers

Our pre-rolled joints are specially formulated to deliver a powerful, intense experience thanks to a high concentration of H4CBD. Here's how this can benefit consumers:

1. Exceptional power

H4CBD pre-rolled joints are distinguished by their high H4CBD content, which represents a higher concentration of hydrogenated CBD. This powerful formulation enables consumers to experience more intense and profound effects than other CBD-based products.

2. Intense relaxation

Thanks to its high concentration of H4CBD, our pre-rolled joints offer intense relaxation. Hydrogenated CBD is known for its relaxing properties, which can help reduce stress, promote muscle relaxation and bring a sense of deep calm. Consumers can thus enjoy a more pronounced relaxation and a deeper experience.

3. Advanced benefits

The H4CBD content of our pre-rolled joints enables consumers to benefit optimally from CBD. Hydrogenated CBD is renowned for its potentially beneficial properties, such as anxiety reduction, mood enhancement, stress relief and support for general well-being. By opting for our H4CBD-rich pre-rolled joints, consumers can benefit from these advanced effects. It's important to note that the exact H4CBD content may vary from product to product, and it's advisable to consult the specific information on the packaging for the precise H4CBD concentration of our pre-rolled joints. In summary, our pre-rolled joints are distinguished by their high H4CBD content, offering a powerful and intense experience. This increased concentration allows consumers to benefit from more pronounced relaxation, advanced CBD benefits and a deeper overall experience.

Order H4CBD trim flower pre-rolls and delivery options

1. Order process

To order our H4CBD trim flower pre-rolls, you can visit our online platform or our website. On our site, you'll find our product catalog where you can select the pre-rolls of your choice. Add them to your basket, then follow the instructions to finalize your order by providing the necessary information, including your delivery address.

2. Delivery options

We offer different delivery options to give you the best flexibility. Here are the available options:

Chronopost 24h in France: This delivery option allows you to receive your pre-rolled H4CBD trim flowers within 24 hours anywhere in France. It's a fast, reliable solution for those who want to receive their order quickly

Colissimo 48h we also offer delivery via Colissimo, with an estimated delivery time of 48 hours in France. This option offers secure, tracked delivery of your H4CBD trim flower pre-rolls.

Uber Direct in 20 minutes in Paris if you're in Paris, we've got a special option for you. Thanks to Uber Direct, you can enjoy ultra-fast delivery in just 20 minutes. It's the ideal solution for those who want to receive their pre-rolls quickly in the capital.express 24h with courier

When you place your order, you'll be able to choose from these different delivery options depending on your location and preferences. Be sure to select the option that best suits your needs. Please note that delivery options may vary depending on your region and available services. During the checkout process, you will be informed of the specific delivery options available for your address.

We strive to offer you a smooth ordering experience and a range of convenient delivery options so you can receive your H4CBD trim flower pre-rolls in the shortest possible time, wherever you are.

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