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VAPE H4CBD GMO COOKIE - The power of H4CBD in a vape

If you're looking for a convenient and effective way to consume CBD, H4CBD Deli Hemp vape is for you.


H4CBD = 50% CBD


CBN = 10.3%

CBC =5.5%

CBT = 3.2%

H4CBD - GMO COOKIE VAPE is a unique, powerful vape that delivers an exceptional vaping experience. With its fruity, citrus and cookie aromatic profile, it delivers delicious, intoxicating sensations with every puff. The high percentage of H4CBD, up to 50%, ensures powerful and beneficial effects for the physiological endocannabinoid system.

This vape cartridge contains high-quality H4CBD distillate, with a carefully balanced composition of CBD, CBN, CBC and CBT, offering synergy between the different cannabinoids.

H4CBD - GMO COOKIE VAPE comes in disposable cartridge form, making it convenient and easy to use, offering around 800 puffs for a prolonged experience.



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H4CBD VAPE - GMO COOKIE: A powerful vape infused with H4CBD

How to eat it and what it contains

VAPE H4CBD - GMO COOKIE is an innovative vaping option that offers a powerful experience thanks to its high concentration of H4CBD. This product comes in the form of a disposable cartridge, ready for use with an ordinary vaping device.

Each VAPE H4CBD - GMO COOKIE cartridge is carefully formulated to contain a precise percentage of H4CBD, allowing you to control the amount of this molecule you consume. In line with regulatory standards, the THC percentage is kept at legal and negligible levels. The H4CBD distillate used in this vape is obtained through an advanced hydrogenation process, guaranteeing optimum purity and quality. This molecule has similarities with other cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, but without the psychoactive effects associated with THC. When you inhale VAPE H4CBD - GMO COOKIE, cannabinoids, including H4CBD, interact with receptors in your body's endocannabinoid system. This system plays a key physiological role in regulating various bodily processes. By choosing this H4CBD-rich vape, you can potentially benefit from the relaxing and soothing effects associated with this molecule, while avoiding the psychotropic effects of THC.

Percentage of H4CBD in H4CBD VAPE - GMO COOKIE: A powerful 50% H4CBD

Composition of other cannabinoids

H4CBD VAPE - GMO COOKIE contains a high percentage of H4CBD, with a concentration of 50%. This high percentage guarantees a powerful experience and optimal use of the benefits of this molecule. In addition to H4CBD, this vape also contains other beneficial cannabinoids. CBD is present at 30%, offering its own soothing and relaxing effects. CBN is present at 10.3%, CBC at 5.5%, and CBT at 3.2%. Each of these cannabinoids has its own properties and can complement the benefits of H4CBD. This balanced combination of cannabinoids makes for a harmonious vaping experience and offers powerful effects to suit your needs.

VAPE H4CBD - GMO COOKIE device type: Disposable for hands-on experience

VAPE H4CBD: 800 puffs and ease of use

Visit VAPE H4CBD - GMO COOKIE is a disposable device, designed to offer a convenient, hassle-free experience. There's no need to worry about refilling or replacing cartridges. Once you've run out of 800 puffs available, you can simply discard the device and use a new one.

This disposable format is ideal for people looking for easy-to-use h4CBD vape, without the hassle associated with maintaining reusable devices. It allows you to quickly and easily enjoy benefits of h4CBD without having to worry about refills or cleaning. With VAPE H4CBD - GMO COOKIE disposable, you benefit from a convenient vaping experience and a high percentage of h4CBD, offering powerful effects and optimal satisfaction.

GMO COOKIE flavours in the H4CBD VAPE cartridge

A delicious blend of fruity, citrus and cookie notes in h4cbd GMO Cookie vape

The cartridge of the VAPE H4CBD - GMO COOKIE offers a tasty vaping experience with unique and delicious flavors. It features a harmonious blend of fruity, citrus and cookie notes, creating a pleasant and delicious taste experience.

You can expect fruity scents with a hint of citrus, which blend perfectly with the cookie flavor. This combination of flavors creates a distinctive and powerful taste profile, enriching your vaping experience. What's more, you may also notice subtle coffee and citrus notes, adding an extra dimension to the flavor of GMO COOKIE.

These aromas are enhanced by the presence of terpenes, compounds naturally present in the cannabis plant, such as limonene, which contribute to the distinctive aroma and taste. In short, the VAPE H4CBD - GMO COOKIE offers a delicious blend of fruity flavours, of citrus and cookies, with subtle notes of coffee. This tasty combination and the presence of terpenes make GMO COOKIE a pleasant, flavorful vaping experience.

GMO Cookie and its flavour profile in H4CBD VAPE

GMO Cookie H4CBD: A delicious fusion of fruity, citrus and cookie flavours

VisitGMO Cookie is a variety of cannabis which stands out for its unique and delicious aromatic profile. It offers fruity scents and a distinct citrus note, complemented by delicious cookie nuances. This aromatic combination creates a pleasant, tasty sensory experience.

When vaped with H4CBD VAPE, GMO Cookie's aromatic profile blends harmoniously with the cartridge's flavors and aromas. The fruity, citrus notes of the gMO Cooki varietye mingle with the fruity and citrus aromas present in the VAPE H4CBD cartridge, reinforcing the intensity and complexity of the flavors. What's more, the delicious cookie nuances add a gourmet dimension to the vaping experience. They combine with the coffee and citrus aromas present in the cartridge, creating a rich and satisfying vaping experience. Terpenes, natural compounds found in the cannabis plant such as limonene, add a special touch to the overall aroma.

These terpenes interact with cannabinoids, in particular cannabidiol (CBD), to create a unique and aromatically stimulating vaping experience.

In short, GMO Cookie offers a delicious aromatic profile, with fruity, citrus and cookie notes. Its harmonious marriage with the aromas of the h4CBD VAPE creates a pleasant and powerful vaping experience, where flavors complement and reinforce each other. The terpenes present in the cannabis plant add a special dimension to the overall aroma, making VAPE H4CBD a smoking experience aromatically enriching.

The VAPE H4CBD - GMO COOKIE vaping experience: A tasty blend and a pleasant sensation

GMO COOKIE: Fruity taste, delicious cookie and powerful feel

Visit VAPE H4CBD - GMO COOKIE offers a vaping experience that delights the taste buds and provides a pleasant sensation. In terms of taste, this vape offers a tasty blend of fruity notes and delicious cookie. Fruity aromas, such as citrus, combine harmoniously with gourmet cookie nuances, creating a rich and satisfying taste experience.

By smoking the VAPE H4CBD - GMO COOKIE, you can expect a powerful sensation. The high percentage of H4CBD in the formula gives this vape a noticeable intensity. This high concentration of H4CBD provides a robust and sensationally stimulating vaping experience.

When you inhale the vape, you can enjoy the fruity and cookie flavors that unfold in your mouth, awakening your taste buds.

H4CBD's combination of fruity taste, delicious cookie and power creates a captivating and enjoyable vaping experience. In short, H4CBD - GMO COOKIE VAPE offers a vaping experience that combines a fruity, biscuit-like taste with a powerful sensation. Tasty aromas blend harmoniously, providing a satisfying taste experience, while H4CBD delivers an intense, stimulating sensation.

This combination makes VAPE H4CBD - GMO COOKIE an attractive option for vaping enthusiasts looking for an exceptional taste experience.

Hydrogenation process and its link to VAPE composition H4CBD - GMO COOKIE

H4CBD: Chemical transformation and influence on product composition

Hydrogenation is a chemical transformation technique involving the addition of hydrogen to a substance, usually through a catalytic reaction.

In the context of the composition of the VAPE H4CBD - GMO COOKIE, hydrogenation is used to modify the structure and properties of the molecules present. In the specific case of this vape, the hydrogenation process is used to convert certain cannabinoid and terpene molecules into their corresponding hydrogenated forms.

This chemical transformation can affect the overall composition of the product by altering the ratios and proportions of the various compounds present. Hydrogenation can influence the composition of VAPE H4CBD - GMO COOKIE in several ways.

Firstly, it can contribute to product stability and shelf life by reducing susceptibility to oxidation and degradation. In addition, hydrogenation can also affect the sensory properties of the product, such as taste and aroma, by modifying the structure of the molecules responsible for these characteristics. It should be noted that the hydrogenation process can be used selectively to target specific molecules and achieve the desired results in terms of the final product's composition and properties. This makes it possible to create a customized vape with a distinct aromatic profile, a specific concentration of H4CBD and other key compounds.

In conclusion, the hydrogenation process is an important step in the manufacture of VAPE H4CBD - GMO COOKIE.

It allows certain cannabinoid and terpene molecules to be chemically transformed, thus influencing the overall composition of the product its sensory properties. This technique helps to create a customized vape with unique characteristics, offering a unique distinctive, pleasant vaping.

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