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Pineapple Express

CBD intensity:

Pineapple Express (from Switzerland)

Terpenes: floral, fruity, citrus

Sex: feminized

Cross: Skunk & Cheese

Recommended cultivation: indoor & outdoor

Genetics: 40% indica-60% sativa

Height: 0.8 - 2.3 metres

CBD content: 5.5% - 11% THC content: -0.3



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What is a feminized CBD seed?

First of all, it's important to know that female plants are the only cannabis plants to supply and develop flowers rich in cannabinoids such as THC or CBD.

Feminized seeds have been genetically modified to produce exclusively 99.9% female plants.

A feminized seed contains no male chromosomes in its genes. Once planted, it will produce only female seeds. Ideal for rapid, high-quality cultivation. Feminized seeds are created by forcing a female plant to form male seeds.

Characteristics of feminized seeds:

-Enhanced aromas and effects, giving rise to a plant rich in cannabinoids.

- Feminized seeds are photoperiodic: their growth depends on a precise light cycle.

Sativa, Indica or Hybrid, what's the difference?

These are cannabis subspecies. The two main species categories are Indica and Sativa, and today there are also hybrid varieties.

What are the differences between these cannabis subspecies?

Indica: its flowering is shorter and bushier, and its leaves are broad. It's a fairly robust species and can thrive in many environments.

Sativa: Sativas need a lot of sun to flower well. Its leaves are fine and long. Its plant will be taller than the Indica species. It thrives in a warm climate, with a longer flowering time.

Today, most cannabis varieties are rarely pure Indica or Sativa. The majority are hybrids, combining a certain percentage of Indica and Sativa.

Origin of Pineapple Express seeds

Pineapple Express, a cross between Skunk and Cheese, is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain (40% Indica - 60% Sativa) containing up to 11% CBD at maturity.

Cultivation can take up to 9 weeks from the moment you germinate Pineapple Express seeds. Its taste is deliciously tropical, with hints of pineapple. Its Sativa dominance will help some to combat anxiety, migraines, stress or menstrual syndromes.

one of the most attractive aspects of Pineapple Express is its fruity taste with subtle hints of menthol and vanilla. It can reach heights of up to 1.20 m if grown indoors, and 1.80 m if grown outdoors.

Characteristics and flowering of Pineapple Express

Flowers from feminized Pineapple Express seeds offer sweet, fruity, tropical aromas with a vanilla or minty aftertaste.

Pineapple Express has particularly large, fleshy buds and juicy pineapple and fruit notes.

Outdoors, it can produce up to 450g per plant in just 9 weeks, and can reach 140cm in the ground, where it can produce up to 350gr per plant if grown outdoors.

The taste and smell of this herb are the very essence of the tropics: citrusy, sweet and fruity flavors united with a floral aftertaste. This variety gives a lively cerebral and energetic effect that can be enjoyed during the day or late evening. Thanks to its high CBD content, Pineapple Express is sativa-dominant.

Pineapple Express will boost your energy and creativity - a real brain battery. This CBD variety will bring you concentration and present itself as an incredible energy-booster.

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