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Rainbow Cake

CBD intensity:

Rainbow Cake (from Italy)

Terpenes: fruity, sweet, spicy

Sex: feminized Cross: Rainbow Belt & Wedding Cake

Recommended cultivation: indoor & outdoor

Genetics: 50% indica 50% sativa

Height: 0.8 - 2.4 metres

CBD content: 10% - 15% THC content: -0.3



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What is a feminized CBD seed?

First of all, it's important to know that female plants are the only cannabis plants to supply and develop flowers rich in cannabinoids such as THC or CBD.

Feminized seeds have been genetically modified to produce exclusively 99.9% female plants.

A feminized seed contains no male chromosomes in its genes. Once planted, it will produce only female seeds. Ideal for rapid, high-quality cultivation. Feminized seeds are created by forcing a female plant to form male seeds.

Characteristics of feminized seeds:

-Enhanced aromas and effects, giving rise to a plant rich in cannabinoids.

- Feminized seeds are photoperiodic: their growth depends on a precise light cycle.

Sativa, Indica or Hybrid, what's the difference?

These are cannabis subspecies. The two main species categories are Indica and Sativa, and today there are also hybrid varieties.

What are the differences between these cannabis subspecies?

Indica: its flowering is shorter and bushier, and its leaves are broad. It's a fairly robust species and can thrive in many environments.

Sativa: Sativas need a lot of sun to flower well. Its leaves are fine and long. Its plant will be taller than the Indica species. It thrives in a warm climate, with a longer flowering time.

Today, most cannabis varieties are rarely pure Indica or Sativa. The majority are hybrids, combining a certain percentage of Indica and Sativa.

Provenance and origin of Rainbow Cake seeds

Rainbow Cake seeds are the result of a cross between Rainbow Belt and Wedding Cake. This feminized seed offers very sweet aromas, with vanilla and earthy notes. the Rainbow Cake variety is appreciated for stimulating creativity and relaxing the body and mind. A balanced genetic, containing 50% indica, 50% sativa.

it will offer a very resinous flowering, with a CBD content of 10-15%, which is relatively high.

AnIndica-Sativa hybrid, Rainbow Cake produces plants that adapt well to all types of cultivation, indoors or out.

You'll be able to cultivate the flower after around 70 days of flowering if it's grown indoors.

Rainbow Cake, a variety with pastry notes that will give you a beautiful bloom.

When mature, Rainbow Cake produces flowers rich in terpenes and cannabinoids. This seed will give you a very full plant with beautiful resinous flowers, all in a short space of time (8 to 10 weeks)

Its resin combines notes of pastry and tropical fruit.

Thanks to its CBD content of up to 15%, you'll benefit from its analgesic and relaxing properties.

What are the benefits of Rainbowcake?

Rainbowcake CBD has many benefits, making it an ideal choice for helping you fall asleep if you're suffering from severe insomnia, so you can fall asleep more quickly.

For those looking for a cannabis flower to relieve inflammatory pain, Rainbow cake CBD will also prove to be a very good therapeutic alternative.

In fact, Rainbow cake CBD will enable you to effectively combat aches and cramps, as well as promoting recovery after exercise.

Other benefits of Rainbow cake include relief from depression. The clarity and concentration of mind, combined with the relaxation effect induced after the initial wave, bring well-being to all those who need to relieve pain during the day while remaining active in their daily lives.

Collection seeds may not be germinated. Please enquire about legislation in your country of residence. Deli Hemp will not be held responsible for any illegal use of our seeds.

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