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A unique experience of relaxation and well-being with this French CBD resin.

Discover its rich caramel, woody and slightly spicy flavor for an incomparable sensory experience. Take advantage of a 20% discount on your first order by subscribing to our newsletter.



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Why choose French resin?

Choosing a French resin means choosing a resin of better quality and with better traceability.

Deli Hemp is also committed to preserving the environment, and opts as far as possible for products made in France, in order to favor short circuits and thus reduce its annual carbon footprint. It seems obvious to us that, as a major player in the CBD market, we have to be in line with our philosophy. We want to preserve as much as possible the planet that gave us this flower of a thousand virtues that we cherish so much: hemp. We are committed to a transparent environmental approach.

Deli Hemp is taking a 100% French approach, while remaining cautious about French legislation. The growers we use are all committed to an environmental approach. Passionate about the cannabis plant, they work it as meticulously as possible to offer us high-quality CBD resin. Using French CBD also means using a resin produced in limited quantities, but benefiting from better quality. A resin of excellence, from a short circuit allowing a moderate environmental impact.

CBD resin - Le Jaune: premium CBD resin

CBD resin - Le Jaune is distinguished by its unique appearance, reminiscent of the color of warm sand and offering a light, foamy texture.

Produced from rigorously selected organic farming, this premium resin boasts exceptional purity, guaranteeing an intense and pleasant taste experience. With THC levels below the legal limit, it ensures responsible consumption with no psychotropic effects. Its floral and spicy aroma, enriched with subtle aromatic notes, makes it a preferred choice for lovers of authentic flavours. The vaporization method is recommended to take full advantage of its relaxing and soothing properties, making it a precious ally for improving sleep quality and reducing stress.

Advantages of CBD Resin - Yellow

CBD Resin - Yellow, with its distinctive color and powdery appearance, boasts a series of advantages that captivate cannabidiol enthusiasts.

Firstly, its exceptional purity: thanks to an artisanal production method and the use oforganically grown plants, this product offers a unique experience without compromising quality. Next, its effectiveness in the field of well-being is noteworthy, particularly for improving sleep quality and offering a deep relaxing effect without the psychotropic effects associated with THC.

What's more, its content of CBD and other cannabinoids such as CBG guarantees a soothing, pleasant effect. CBD resin - Le Jaune is also appreciated for its ease of use; it can be vaporized, offering an option to suit everyone's preferences. Finally, its slightly spicy floral aroma enriches the sensory experience, making each consumption session both intense and pleasurable. With these remarkable characteristics, it's no surprise that CBD resin - Le Jaune has become a preferred choice for those seeking both quality and efficacy in their CBD consumption.

Texture and flavour of CBD resin - Le Jaune

CBD resin - Le Jaune has a unique texture, oscillating between mossy and sandy, reminiscent of the softness of fresh pollen.

This characteristic gives it an exceptional quality, appreciated as much for its visual aspect as for its ease of use. In terms of flavor, it offers a complex aromatic bouquet, marked by light floral notes and a pleasantly surprising spicy aftertaste. The product's signature sparkling yellow color is the result of an artisanal manufacturing process and a rigorous selection of the finest CBD flowers, grown according to organic farming principles. This meticulous choice guarantees not only optimum purity and potency, but also a unique experience. Consumers looking for both a deep relaxing effect and an alternative to classic tobacco will find CBD resin - Le Jaune an ally of choice for their moments of relaxation.

What are the differences between THCP - Le Jaune and CBD - Le Jaune?

THCP - Le Jaune and CBD - Le Jaune differ mainly in their chemical composition and effects on the body.

While CBD resin - Le Jaune, rich in cannabidiol, is renowned for its relaxing and soothing properties without inducing psychotropic effects, THCP resin - Le Jaune contains a higher concentration of THCP, a molecule with powerful effects. Although THCP is legal in some European countries under certain conditions, it should be used with caution due to its potency. In terms of appearance, both resins have a characteristic foamy yellow appearance, with a texture ranging from sandy to soft, depending on the production method. However, THCP - Le Jaune tends to have a more intense, spicy flavor compared to the milder, floral aroma profile of CBD resin - Le Jaune. Consumers looking for a relaxing effect without the psychotropic impact will opt for CBD resin - Le Jaune, while those seeking a stronger experience might be tempted by THCP - Le Jaune, always in compliance with the laws in force.

What delivery options are available at Deli hemp?

We understand the importance of receiving your orders quickly and reliably.

That's why we offer a range of delivery methods, designed to meet all your requirements.

Chronopost (24h delivery): Ideal for those who need their products fast, Chronopost guarantees express delivery. Order today and receive your items the next day, right to your door, anywhere in France.

Colissimo (2 to 5 working days): For those who prefer a more economical option without sacrificing quality, Colissimo offers a reliable service with detailed tracking of your package. Receive your purchases comfortably at home or at a collection point of your choice.

GLS (Approximate 24h delivery): With GLS, you benefit from fast, efficient delivery. Your orders will usually arrive within about 24 hours of dispatch, offering a fast alternative for receiving your CBD products.

Courier (24-hour delivery for the inner suburbs of Paris): Specially designed for our customers in the inner suburbs of Paris, this service offers ultra-fast delivery direct to your home or office. It's ideal for those who live nearby and want almost instant delivery.

Each delivery method is carefully selected to ensure that your products arrive safely and promptly. Choose the option that suits you best and leave the rest to us.

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