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Canna Kiss you ? Declare your love with CBD flowers - Valentine's Day special!

Valentine's Day CBD flower, available only at Deli Hemp.

Grown indoors in Switzerland, this CBD flower gives off sweet and spicy aromas that will seduce your senses and spice up your evening!

With an exceptional price of 20 euros for a very limited batch of 5g, the Saint Valentin CBD Flower is an opportunity to be seized without delay...

Hurry before our stock runs out!

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Fleur CBD Champagne Kush offers a palette of exquisite flavours that will appeal to the most discerning cannabis lover.

The flavours of this CBD flower come from a cross between the Champagne and OG Kush strains.

Delicate champagne aromas blend harmoniously with sweet berry nuances, creating a refined and complex taste experience. Connoisseurs also appreciate the subtle earthy touches that complement the depth of flavor.

Champagne Kush CBD thus offers a unique combination of profiles, elevating the experience of the CBD world.

Whether you're an experienced CBD enthusiast or looking to explore new flavors, Fleur CBD Champagne Kush promises a memorable moment and an unforgettable sensory immersion. Discover this exceptional variety for an aromatic experience that will awaken your senses.

Where Chamapgne Kush CBD comes from.

Varieties: OG Kush + Champagne.

The CBD flower variety Champagne Kush has its origins in a carefully crafted line resulting from the crossing of two famous strains, Champagne and OG Kush. This genetic marriage has been precision-engineered to create a unique combination of aroma and effect characteristics. Champagne Kush CBD is the result of meticulous hybridization, where the exceptional qualities of the Champagne strain, renowned for its subtle champagne notes and relaxing effects, have been fused with those of OG Kush, famous for its potency.

Champagne Kush CBD: significant levels of cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive cannabis compound.

Enthusiasts looking for a high CBD experience may find Champagne Kush an attractive option, offering sophisticated flavor with potential wellness benefits. Champagne Kush is the result of a deliberate genetic marriage, creating a hybrid strain that embodiesaromatic excellence and balanced effects. Carefully cultivated in conducive environments, this strain offers a unique CBD experience, supported by the possible presence of CBD for a full range of flavours.

Vaporizing Champagne Kush CBD will give you the best experience.

This method of consumption via a vaporizer offers several advantages.

Firstly, vaporizing Champagne Kush CBD allows you to take full advantage of the subtle, complex flavours of this exceptional variety. By heating the flowers to specific temperatures, vaporization releases the delicate aromas of champagne, sweet berries and earthy notes without altering them through combustion, thus preserving the integrity of the terpenes and cannabinoids.

Vaporization offers a healthier way to consume CBD, significantly reducing the risks associated with smoke inhalation.

The combustion-avoiding Vaporizer minimizes the release of harmful substances while preserving the beneficial compounds present in Champagne Kush CBD, offering a more health-friendly option.

Another major advantage of vaporizing Champagne Kush CBD lies in its precise temperature control. This allows users to personalize their experience by modulating the vaporization temperature to maximize the desired effects, whether for total relaxation or mild stimulation. What's more, this method enables precise dosing, which is particularly advantageous for users looking to control their CBD intake precisely.

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