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amnesia 2.0 cbd
amnesia 2.0 cbd
Amnesia 2.0
amnesia 2.0 cbd
Amnesia 2.0
amnesia 2.0 cbd
  • amnesia 2.0 cbd
  • Amnesia 2.0


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Explore the Excellence of Amnesia 2.0 Hydroculture: A Summit of Quality and Flavor

Unique features and superior quality of Amnesia Hydroculture

Amnesia 2.0 Hydroculture represents a remarkable breakthrough in the world of CBD flowers. Carefully cultivated in hydroculture, this method optimizes the supply of nutrients and water, ensuring healthy, robust plant growth. This sophisticated cultivation technique not only contributes to the superior quality of the flowers, but also enhances their aromatic potency and visual appeal.

Amnesia 2.0 flowers have a striking appearance, with vibrant green hues and darker shades. Their complex aromas blend notes of citrus, pine and spice, creating a rich, enchanting olfactory experience for connoisseurs. This unique combination of fragrances makes them a particularly prized variety for those seeking a more complex and sophisticated sensory experience.

By opting for hydroponic cultivation, we have been able not only to enhance the intensity of the aromas and the visual quality of Amnesia 2.0. Hydroponic cultivation means fewer constraints associated with traditional soils, resulting in CBD flowers of the highest quality, perfect for demanding connoisseurs in search of an authentic, refined experience.



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What is hydroponics?

In a nutshell, hydroponics is a modern system of growing plants without using soil.

Instead, it uses water as the primary means of delivering nutrients to plants. As a grower, this method offers several advantages, but we'll come back to those in a moment.

You may be wondering how hydroculture differs from hydroponics. In fact, hydroponics is a category of hydroponics! There are other systems in this category, such as aeroponics, which involves suspending plants in the air and misting their roots with nutrient-rich water.

You may have heard of some legendary varieties of plants grown using hydroponic methods. The genetics of these plants play an essential role in their growth and final product.

Let's take a look at some of the essential elements of hydroculture:

Water: The essence of any hydroculture system, water must be clean and free from contaminants that could harm your plants. It is also essential to maintain the right pH and nutrient levels in the water to ensure optimal growth.

Growing medium : Although there's no soil, you still need a medium to anchor your plants and provide them with some support. Rockwool, coconut fiber and clay pebbles are common choices, all of which offer excellent moisture retention and air permeability.

Nutrients: Like all living things, your plants need nutrients to thrive. In hydroponics, these are generally supplied in a soluble form that can be easily absorbed by plant roots. A well-balanced nutrient solution is essential for healthy growth.

Environment: Temperature, humidity and light play an essential role in the success of your hydroculture garden. It's important to keep these factors within optimal limits to promote vigorous growth and prevent disease.

Now let's talk about the benefits of hydroculture:

Faster growth: Because plants in hydroculture systems have direct access to water and nutrients, they tend to grow faster than their soil-grown counterparts.

Water efficiency: Hydroculture is an incredibly water-efficient growing method. The closed-circuit system recycles water, reducing overall consumption and making it an environmentally-friendly choice.

Fewer pests and diseases: In the absence of soil, the risk of pests and diseases that could have a negative impact on plant health is reduced.

Flexibility: hydroculture systems can be set up in a variety of configurations, making them suitable for both small private gardens and large commercial operations.

Easier maintenance: Because they have no soil, hydroculture systems are generally easier to clean and maintain than traditional gardens.

So that's a complete overview of hydroculture! This innovative approach to gardening could revolutionize the way we grow our favorite plants, offering numerous benefits for both the grower and the environment.

How to consume Amnesia 2.0 hydroponic CBD flower?

Vaping is a fantastic option for those who want a quick and effective method of consuming CBD without the harmful effects of smoking.

Vaporizers, like the Fyhit Relax and Pax, work by heating the CBD flower to a specific temperature, releasing the active compounds in a vapor that you inhale. This method ensures that you get the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes without any combustion by-products.

To use the Fyhit Relax or Pax vaporizer, follow these simple steps:

a) Grind your Amnesia 2.0 hydroponic CBD flower to a medium-fine consistency.

b) Fill the vaporizer chamber with the ground flower, taking care not to pack it too tightly.

c) Set the temperature of your choice (generally between 356°F and 392°F for CBD flower).

d) Wait for the vaporizer to reach the desired temperature, then inhale the vapor through the mouthpiece.

Genetic flavours and aromas: Amnesia 2.0 CBD ?

Aromas: In addition to its delicious flavours, Amnesia also has a captivating aroma, both pungent and inviting. Here are some of the main aromas:

Citrus: Like its flavor profile, Amnesia's aroma is dominated by a strong citrus scent. This zesty, invigorating scent can quickly fill the room and awaken your senses.

Earthy: The citrus notes are accompanied by an earthy, almost musky aroma that gives Amnesia its depth and complexity. This scent may remind you of a walk in the woods or the smell of rich, fertile soil.

Floral: Finally, you'll probably notice a delicate floral scent that adds a touch of elegance to Amnesia's olfactory profile. This subtle floral note could be compared to the aroma of freshly cut flowers or a garden in bloom.

Please note that our CBD products are not intended for food consumption. They are exclusively intended for external use or aromatic purposes. We recommend that you consult a health professional before using our products, and that you follow the directions for use provided. We accept no responsibility for any use not in accordance with these recommendations.

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