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Discover all the benefits of CBD with our selection of limited edition Deli Hemp Christmas gift sets.

Your pet suffers from pain or anxiety. Would you like to make his life easier and offer him a natural routine dedicated to his well-being, vitality and longevity?

Deli Hemp offers a set entirely dedicated to the health of your dog/cat, 100% natural with CBD and hemp.

The set includes :

- 5% CBD hemp oil - dogs and cats - 10 ML

- 10% CBD botanical balm - paw pads for dogs - 50 ML

- Hemp food oil - salmon - 60 ML

- CBD & hemp recipe book "Chanvre et CBD, tout ce qu'on hemp" ("Hemp and CBD, everything you hemp")

A CBD gift set for your dog/cat, at an affordable price.



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CBDog Boxes

CBD for your pet

Why use CBD in animals?

- CBD for a stressed dog/cat

- CBD for an aggressive dog/cat

- CBD for a dog/cat with arthritis

What dosage of CBD for my dog?

CBD oil for animals is suitable for an average animal weighing between 10 and 30 kilos. As far as dosage is concerned, dose according to how you feel, and adapt the dosage according to your pet's reaction. Start gradually with 2 to 3 drops, then increase if necessary.

Are there any side effects of CBD on my dog/cat?

The risk of drowsiness in the event of overdosing is very low.

CBD is therefore risk-free for your pet, providing relaxation and boosting metabolism.

How do I give my dog CBD?

In our CBD kit for dogs and cats, you'll find several products containing hemp and CBD. Dedicated to the well-being of your pet if it suffers from pathologies, or simply needs a boost to feel good .

In its food, or directly in the animal's mouth:

Hemp oil with 5% CBD can be taken sublingually, or mixed directly into your pet's food.

CBD oil for animals is suitable for an average animal weighing between 10 and 30 kilos.

As for dosage, start gradually with 2 or 3 drops, then increase as needed. CBD oil for your pet will have an action on :

- Stress






-Inflammatory pain

To find out more about our CBD oils for pets and the different dosages, click here.

Massage your dog's paw pads or nose:

- 10% CBD Plant Balm - Paw pads care for dogs - 50 ML

Organically grown, this balm with hemp and 10% CBD is a healthy, ultra-repairing product for massaging into your dog's or cat's paw pads.

CBD and coconut oil gently nourish and protect.

CBD Balm for Pads is made with coconut oil, beeswax and natural hemp oil.

CBD Balm for Pads and Truffles is analyzed in an independent laboratory to ensure a THC content of 0% and a CBD content of 10% per 50 ML of product.

Deli Hemp CBD Balm is tested GMO and pesticide-free. Apply to the area to be treated once or twice a day, or as required, and massage in gently.

The benefits of CBD on inflamed pads:

CBD, the molecule found in cannabis, offers a wide range of properties. Among them, its anti-inflammatory action.

Combined with hemp and coconut oil, the balm moisturizes and repairs dry, cracked pads and truffles, making your pets feel even more comfortable.

In the bowl, as an accompaniment

Salmon hemp oil - 60 ML

Deli Hemp natural hemp oil combined with salmon oil rich in Omega 3 to boost your pet's physical condition and immune system.

Hemp oil contains a concentration of fatty acids that will keep your pet fit and strengthen its immune system.

Salmon oil, rich in omega 3, will help your pet maintain a beautiful coat and healthy skin.


- Promotes heart health

- Boosts your cat or dog's immune system

- Increases appetite

- Excellent source of energy

- Healthy coat and skin

- Reduces age-related cell degeneration

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